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Leaving a match, some kind of way to fix it.

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Ya I know this aint the proper forum, but my forum post just gets flooded by other forum posts, please don't get mad at me please

Hello, I have been a league of legends player for almost a year and I love this game. But I have a problem with it.

Like most people, unexpected events occur and require you to leave a game. You tell the people that you have to leave due to something important. Some people understand, some don't..well most don't. They occur more often for others. And with the try-hards out there basically trying to get you banned for leaving a match it's frustrating. I am currently on a 24 hour ban for leaving because something occured for me, which required me leaving a match.

So in a nutshell, Family / Important stuff > League of Legends. I am sure 99% of people will agree with me on this.

How can we fix this? How about Riot makes some kind of system so that when people leave a match, another player can fill his position (person joining is allowed to see only ally team champions, like he is joining a real match. Also is allowed to chose a champion from the selection that he has) Now I already know try-hards or just people who think there pro, will just leave games because there team is "noob, fail, bad, etc". To fix this, add it as a reporting reason, Unsportsmanlike behaviour or Ungamesmanlike behaviour (see what I did there?) which will mean leaving game due to team not meeting his standards, constantly abusing players with game phrases such as "noob, fail, etc" and or insulting players.

So there is my idea. Do please comment your opinions and or suggestions (will edit post and add good suggestions commented by others, will give full credit to ideas)

Thank you for reading my post.