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It justs gets better and better..

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I was just in a game where this girl who was Draven kept bugging me to go bottom and help push the tower after we were the first to take our turret down. Doing that I was trying to help everyone else that was struggling. She then keeps going and trying to push after I tell her to just defend, feeding the mundo on the opposite team. ( She went 4/24 btw) Then one of the duo parters I was playing with decided to constantly ping baron the whole game to make me mad. The pinger and the girl fed the whole game while me and my duo partner did all of the work. We ended up losing because they were more focused on pinging rather than helping. I and my friend were pissed we wasted 55:55 minutes in a game where we were going to lose anyway. Then once we get into the lobby, the duo partners and the girl spam the word "baron" for literally 10 minutes. I reported them all for Unskilled, non-communication, and two for feeding. I still likely doubt anything will happen. I just can't win. ;/