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I'm sitting here and still waiting for any news about Soraka..

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Mirana Arashi

Senior Member


Hello everyone,

I'm sorry to bother with this post , but I feel like I can't wait much anymore. I've said countless times that Soraka is basically my favorite support , not only because of the Abilities/kit she has but also because of her character and personality(I adore that Unicorn woman that throws bananas and looks for peace of mind!). Anyway , It's been a while since I could read some news about her Visual remake/Remodel , and I'm starting to wonder when is it going to be finished , I think her in-game model and animations deserve some love , It's a bit frustrating to see my poor Soraka with the current model she has.

So please , If a Rioter or anyone can provide some information of when It's going to be done or at least some clue I would appreciate It.

Have a good day everyone. Peace.