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The changes i wanna see in karma....

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3 mantra stacks
Change her AP ratio on her heal, halve the ratio for the %hp missing and give her. .2 ratio on the flat heal amount
Damage targeted leashed enemy.

That is all.

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Rav Abaddon

Senior Member


Extra mantra charge plz kthxbai

EDIT: Do you mean take half off the base %Heal or the scaling for the %Heal and replace the lost healage with scaling on the base heal? Cuz the % heal would be better for clutch, as it would heal for more than a support could manage on their limited budget. Unless, of course, she's top, and she'd have to be tanky for that; if she was mid, she'd have to attack with it offensively, unless there was an APC top.

Too many ifs for a change that wouldn't make much difference.