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Which side do you prefer?

Blue 15 88.24%
Red 0 0%
I don't care which side I'm on, I dominate the game because I'm hard-core like that! 1 5.88%
I like the blue side best and I dominate harder than everyone that doesn't care. 1 5.88%
Voters 17 .

Does it matter what side you're on?

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Senior Member


Okay, let me first start off saying that I feel my playing is better when I'm on the blue side (bottom).

Now, I'd like to propose an idea. When I'm playing on the purple (red) side, my playing feels corrupted, damaged, or just not to my full ability. This isn't from the jungle placements or anything like that, it's because I have to look down while my champion is at the top of the screen instead of looking up while he is at the bottom.

Solution: It would be beneficial to have a way to alternate your map/viewing angle. Like, when I'm on the purple (red) side, still have it like I'm on the blue side except with everything changed around. Not necessarily changing the map for everyone, just my view. (Invert it I guess would be the best word for it).

I hope everyone understands the idea I'm trying to get across and if you have a better way to explain it, feel free to try.

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Junior Member


It's true, it is much easier to view without readjusting your camera every second if you are on blue side. Not sure why an "always blue-angle" viewing method hasn't been implemented.

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The only problem with this is that it might impair your ability for callouts, since your bot would be your team's top. For example, telling everyone to go top, but in reality, they need to go bot, might cost you the game.

If Riot would allow us to zoom out a little more, then this issue would probably be cleared up for a lot of people.

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the reason it hasn't been implemented is, as stated, that the textures have no back faces or something.

the maps are designed to be viewed from one angle only.

this will never change, hence i have little hope for this game. simply unbalanced gameplay.