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Tips to getting out of ELO hell

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Hi !

Here are some tips to help you get out of ELO hell :

- Find a Duo Queue partner -

Finding a friend with about the same ELO as yours to play a ranked game is a good way to bring it up, especially if you're on skype or ventrilo with him. That way, you can communicate easily with him via your voice.

- Try to master every single role in the game -

If you can only play one role, chances are you're going to end up one day forced to play another role. If so, you might not like playing somewhere you're not specialized in, espacially in a ranked game. Go back to normal and try different champions in every positions. That way, you're going to become someone that other players are going to like, because of your versatility. Plus, the fact that you know how to play every role makes you learn knew things and strategies that you wouldn't had learned if you would of had stayed at your initial role.

- Communicate with your team -

Don't be afraid to call the ''mia's'' when your opponent leaves the lane. You might not think it's a big thing, but those three letters can make a huge difference in a game. Try to communicate with you teammates throughout the game by messages or by pinging. Try to be respectful towards other players while you communicate.

- Know how to last hit minions -

This is vital ! Knowing how to last hit minions is one of the most important part of the game, yet I still see some players auto-attacking. Last hitting is the best way to get gold, meaning you can buy better items quicker. Practice yourself in normal games with the desired champion before going in a ranked game.

- Buy Wards -

You should always buy wards. Some say they're useless, but in fact, they are making the difference if a team wins or not. Having vision on the map is a HUGE advantage that you need to exploit. That way, you and your teammates can pick off single ennemies roaming around the map. I'm saying it again, BUY WARDS !

- Build your character depending on the game situation -

You cannot have only one build for your character, you need to know how to do it according to your ennemies and your needs. For example, if you're playing against 5 adc's, build armor even though it's not something you would usually do. That way, you're countering the whole ennemy team.

- Map awareness -

If you usually notice a gank at the last second with no hope for escape, there's two reasons for that happening. One, you forgot to buy a ward or second, you don't have map awareness. Looking at your radar often will usually prevent that from happening, you just need to have wards.

- Never over extend -

If the whole ennemy team is mia and you're still pushing your lane, you might need to think about backing up. This is something everyone should know.

- Don't make silly moves -

If you're not sure if you want to do something or not, just don't. Making mistakes is an easy way of throwing games. Instead, play smart and defensive because it's the best way to stay alive.

- Try to counter the ennemy team -

When in the champion selection, try to counter the ennemy your going to face in your lane. I don't really need to explain the reason behind this tip.

Those are the main things you need to master if you want to get out of ELO hell.


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It's a pretty good guide, works with non- ranked games as well. Thumbs up.