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Wards not showing enemy champs

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I was in a normal 5 v 5 and we had warded bottom bush (the river one on the right) and during a teamfight a wild malphite appeared even though he was not being shown by the ward. Im not sure if this is champ specific or Ward/map glitches but he was completely invisible from our ward. Pretty much costed a fight. Im not sure if it happened on multiple instances within the game as that was the most blatant occurance

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Hey! I've had this bug happen twice now (or something quite similar).

My ward was in the bottom-most bush on blue side. I dropped it in the southwest corner of the bush. Except it gave me vision of part of the bush, but not the top part. Champs would go in and not be visible until they got closer to the ward. Almost like there are two "sections" of the bush and the ward was only giving vision of one of them.

Second time didn't happen with a ward, but with my own champion's vision. I charged into, again, the southwest corner of the bottom bush (blue side) to give vision to my adc, but their Sona never appeared until I got quite a ways into the bush (too late by then of course, and I took "tons of damage" for my troubles).