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Xin Nerfed?

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Good to know. I'm going to have to try him out again.

Yeah, he was pretty **** great. The Xin I played with summoners name was Crihten if you want to look him up.

He beat a Riven at top, outfarmed her by...3x? or so. Our Shaco dced....15 minutes in or so. After that, it was about sticking together. Xin stuck to the squishies, I took the brunt of attack in team fights, while he focused, and I just healed with my ult. We had the strength of a raging fire.

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SoL0 ToP



This is the xin that pallas is referring to; ingame name Crihten. He is built for manmode...he has very low cd's now. Pretty sure it's lower than normal. He has great cc. You can single out fed targets. You have ~25% armor pen without runes and items. I think he's a lot closer to overpowered than to nerfed. He can actually get into the fray and survive by knocking back dangerous targets. I will be streaming soon; trying to get my stream to a decent quality. I am not sure if it's my pc or my internet.

Thanks for the praise Pallas