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Quasar, The Spectrum Mystery (thought maybe, we need one with Q)

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Prince Void

Junior Member


Name: Quasar, The Spectrum Mystery

Type: Ranged, Mage

Lore: The Shadow Isles were a mythical place in the world of Valoran. Seldom anyone has ventured in, but none have come out. A few years after the joining of Fiora into the League, a man from Demacia, named Xemethar, decided to go and explore the vast seas of Valoran. Soon enough, he anchored near a mysterious island shrouded in a thick haze. Being a man of danger and charisma, he and his men set foot onto the deep sands of the wasteland. After going a little farther, the fog had thickened beyond imagination. He had lost sight of his men and he did not know what would happen to him if he kept going on, but his zeal to solve this mystery forced his feet to push forward, in the direction of a raging whirlwind. The whirlwind came closer and closer. About to be sucked in and ripped to pieces by the raging flurry, a horse like figure leaped in front of the tornado and physically bulldozed it into a tiny breeze. The horse figure spoke out to the startled Xemethar , " I am not one to let someone go, but i sense use for you.".

With this, Xemethar gave up on returning to Demacia. He idolized his savior, Hecarim, and stayed under him as an apprentice. Hecarim could sense that Xemethar had unrivaled potential, which he decided to use for the destruction of Valoran. Hecarim and Xemethar experimented with an unknown source of magic that they had mistakenly discovered. The magic became uncontrollable and it soon transformed itself into a form of liquid. The liquid slushed over to Xemethar and covered his whole body. Hecarim for once was frightened what would happen to his disciple. He started to walk back as the liquid slumped off of him. Xemethar had turned into a being of endless colors.He had on a cloak which shined with a dark, horiffic radiation. His masked oozed with an otherwordly phosphorescence. Standing there, petrified on all fours, Hecarim could not believe what he was seeing. Quasar, as he was nicknamed by the Shadow Isles, left the foggy island for the destiny which was set for people of Valoran. Not being able to be defeated, he looked for something that could show destiny at one time. He sought the League of Legends.

The Shadow Isles have one more creation to quake fear ~ Hecarim


Passive:: Spectrum Rift Mark: Every 3rd basic attack by Quasar places a Rift Mark on an enemy (excluding turrets). 50% chance to get green, 50% chance to get red, 50% chance to blue, and 25% chance to get black

Q: Nova Descend (45 Mana, 13.56 sec)

Brings down a circular, open nova on enemy target dealing 70/110/150/190/220 magic damage. The target then becomes affected by a debuff or damage based on the color of the Rift Mark applied by passive.
Red: Target becomes stunned for 1.5 seconds and loses 5/7/9/11/13 armor during the duration.
Blue: Target takes 50/60/70/80/90 extra magic damage
Green: Target becomes slowed by 45%/50%/55%/60%/65% for 2 seconds.
Black: Target loses 50-500 true damage based on their summoner level.

W: Vibrant Column (70 mana, 15 sec)

Quasar releases a column of colorful matter in a short area dealing 100/120/140/160/180 magic damage. Passive: When Coliginous Column kills a enemy champion, Quasar gets a Rift Page. When Quasar uses a Rift Page, the color of the Rift Mark from Constellation Descend becomes of his choosing. (2 pages max.) ( 1:green, 2:red, 3:blue, no black).

E: Delphian Sneak (30 mana, 7.96 sec)

Quasar dissapears into the ground and moves towards the target. When Quasar reaches above ground he deals 60/100/140/180/220 magic damage and 30% of that amount to surrounding targets and gains 45% movement speed. He becomes untargettable when he is under the ground.

R: Psychadelic Terror (150 mana, 110.27 sec)

Quasar channels a dark energy for 0.25 seconds. His next basic attack deals 100/150/200/250/300 magic damage and inflicts all color Rift Marks. On second activation, Quasar summons a dark, liquid beast which chases the target with all of the Rift Marks and deals 40/80/120/160/200 magic damage. The liquid beast cannot be targeted by anyone or anything else except for the enemy champion with all of the Rift Marks and enemy turrets. 30 second lifespan for liquid beast. Liquid beast takes 30% less damage from turrets.


Health: 467 (+65)
Hp per 5 secs: 7.3 (+.62)
Mana: 350 (+ 50)
Mana per 5 secs: 4.6 (+.24)
Attack Damage: 60 (+2)
Attack Speed: 0.629 (+1.49%)
Armor: 17 (+3)
Magic Resist: 26 (+2.4)
Movement Speed: 315
Attack Range: 170

Champion Quotes (oh boy >.&gt
Movement: Darkness comes is one color
Movement #2: I will end their misery with my own hands
Attacking: Let me consume you...
Attacking #2: The darkness is not all you'll have to worry about when im done with you
Taunt: Feel the TRUE might of the Shadow Isles!
Taunt #2: Bow down to my colorful might!
Joke: If only i had a brush. Not only would i erase you from existance, but I could paint a mustache on you before I do.
Joke #2: I like to be the master of colors, but Nyan Cat keeps stealing my spotlight.
Dance: The Twist
In Champion Selection: They shall know how colors can make the light turn dark...
Death: NOOOOOOOOOOO! (Explodes into a colorful fire, which withers away)

Recommended Items:
Dorans Ring
Sorcerer's Shoes
Rod of Ages
Void Staff
Rabadon's Death Cap
Deathfire Grasp

Champion Weapon: A staff, emroidered with colorful beads and painted white at both ends (idk)

Open to criticsm! (just keep it decent )