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A simple guide to sight wards

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Bumping for great.... uh.... wardage!

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I know this thread is old but, can it be stickied or moved somewhere?

Maybe in New Player Help?

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Ender W1gg1n



I tend to /facepalm when people ...have it stuck in their heads that they should always ward the river/dragon/baron.

Reviving a dead thread to comment (and agree) with this.

I'm in Bronze league, and main as support role. I occasionally get rage from people who wander off and die, and then blame their support for not warding.

Please allow me to vent for a moment:
* It's 14 minutes into the game.
* Enemy bottom lane adc and support spotted (via tri-bush ward and river ward) head into river.
* Enemy jungler walks past red-buff lizard spawn point (via jungle ward) and heads towards river.

Gee... where could they all be going?

There are at least 3 wards on the map that gave you PERFECT sight into the movement patterns of 3 of their champs. They all appear to be heading towards dragon. They all appear to be ready for a quick 3-man dragon takedown. A dragon kill would certainly be desirable for them, at this point in the game.

A reasonable teammate would say "They are at dragon", and wait for his team to converge before engaging a 3v3 against a weakened enemy team.

But no. You, the guy who was last pick order as the lowest ELO / MMR, the guy who immediately came into lobby and called Akali mid... you need to solo face-check the actual fog-of-war in front of the dragon pit. And you die. And your team can no longer defend dragon, because now it would be a 2v3 instead of a 3v3. And you blame your support for not warding dragon.

[sarcasm]That is clearly the support's fault. Because there is no other possible way to know if the enemy team is going after a dragon fight, unless there is a ward sticking out of the dragon's ars.e.[/sarcasm]

*sigh* Thanks for letting me vent. Back into queue for me.

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xGhost XD demoNx

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Thanks for helping me with the wards AwwGasm.