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What is the best build for Hybrid Yi?

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Lawrence Ming

Junior Member


What is the best build for Hybrid Yi?

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The best built for hybrid Yi is to use runes for magic penetration only, and pickup only 2 items for melee offense. The Black Cleaver and Last Whisper. Why? Well, you're hybrid, so you're not necessarily looking to wtfpwncritown with your melee attacks, but you'll penetrate pretty hard and hit pretty hard (for a hyrbrid) with Yi's built in attack speed and attack damage steroids. A Pure AP Yi actually has respectable hybrid looking attack damage, only he cannot penetrate... so his hybrid build merely takes these 2 penetrating items that also have pretty nice AD stats aswell.

The four remaining items should undoubtedly contain these 3: Sorcerer's boots, Rabadon's Deathcap, Athene's Unholy Grail.

Sorcerer's boots ontop of what you should spam for runes should account for roughly 41 magic penetration. This is enough to fully penetrate most hard carries. Your alpha strike will freaking hurt with Rabadons, and you'll have a bit of cooldown with Blue Buff + Athenes + Blue potion (Whichs totals 40%, but you should still spend points for the 4% masteries for that 10% penetration).

The final item to Hybrid Yi is up to you! You could seek to increase your speed slightly and add quite a punch to your next strike with Lich's Bane.

You could probably produce slightly higher burst with Trinity force if you do it right after activating his AD buff... it will also give a minor chance to crit, better speed, some extra health and mana (although these 2 are irrelevant). The frequent slow is nice too.

You could take Hextech gunblade to add sustain for the 20ish seconds that Master Yi is unable to meditate... or so that you don't -have- to meditate always... so that you can play the godly tank you are when you're sure stuns and knocks are clear.

I don't recommend Guinsoo's for a hybrid Yi, simply because Yi cannot spam abilities like other champs, and any competitive Yi cannot rely on himself to run in and start meleeing to buff his AP or whatever (hence why the only competitive Yis are mostly AP Yis).

There are many other options for the final item, like Guardian Angle for the true tank. That build would do well with cleanse and ghost to maintain your tank immediately after some cc spam. Zohnya's Hourglass, which is a nice tank item with AP.... and actually I just always take cleanse on Master Yi. Also Abyssal Scepter for support and added magic tankyness. If the enemy team is really magic heavy, You'll notice AP Yi to be your strongest tank. Abyssal Scepter will improve upon this.

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Why would you want Hybrid Yi?

An AP Yi, relies on his Alpha Strike to do massive farming and safe harass early game, then in teamfights use Alpha with Ult active to get a kill and be able to immediately RE-ALPHA and repeat to ace the enemy team, or at least do huge AoE damage.
He also can 'heal-tank' if the enemy's CC is down.

For this role, he definitely wants as much AP as possible, including the 35% bonus scaling from Deathcap and the mastery. Maybe even add Lichbane lategame to ensure he can Alpha, and 1hit to make sure he gets an actual kill in the teamfight to trigger the next Alpha.

For AD Yi, he is all about autoattacking, which means building CRIT, more AD and AS. He kills towers and champs really fast and his damage goes up exponentially as more crit is gotten.

A hybrid approach severely waters down BOTH approaches heavily. His autoattack damage won't grow exponentially at the speed it normally would, nor would he get the bonus scaling of AP.

The AD would do nothing for his Alpha/Repeat strategy, and AP wouldn't help his autoattacking strategy very much. So no real synergy there.
Basically he would have mediocre autoattack damage that would prevent him from getting quick kills, and his Alpha would be fairly weak too such that he wouldn't get a kill and thus be able to reset his Alpha.

The ONLY thing you gain is the ability to use Hybrid items which in THEORY are more efficient. But theyve all been NERFED to death mostly thanks to champs that DO scale well with both AD/AP like Kayle and Jax.