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For the new Xin Zhao runes?.

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I was thinking of putting.
Marks: AP.
Seals: AS.
Glyphs: AS.
Quints: AS.
B.ecause it does not have the passive battle cry...
This good or should I change anything?

My current runes are:
Marks: 3AD, 6AP.
Seals: AD.
Glyph: MR.
Quints: AD.

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Senior Member


Im actually thinking of going down a crit bruiser path.

mark: crit chance
seal: armor
glyphs: magic resistance
and I forget my quint, I believe its crit chance

the reason for this is because since battle cry lost it's passive attack speed, and cooldown reduction, it has little reason to pick it up anymore. until the later game. im now going to max out 3 talon strike with 1 point into charge and 1 point into battle cry just to give me that little bit more punch when I do fight a champion and the small amount of sustain (which is suprisingly very useful I find)

this set up will give me that early burst and protection to survive the early game and to build up my items. Im most likly going to start off trying to get a phantom dancer quickly and this will further increase my damage due to 3 talon strike also having an ad ratio (unless theres been tests to show that the 3 talon strike hits can not crit at all then this whole idea is pointless) and this will make up for the lack of attack speed on battle cry

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FYI, call it APen, not AP (which is standard abbreviate for Ability Power, which you of course wouldn't take as a Mark).

I would try it with normal runes first. AS/APen is fine for red, but id go with Yellow Armor, MR/lvl blue like usual.

Lets let him like...come out first, try him out with normal runes then start seeing if he can be improved.

edit: Are you planning to jungle him or play him toplane?

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Senior Member


No, he doesn't have his passive AS anymore, but his AS while using his Steroid has not gone down.

I think the way you would Jungle him is to do something like this...

AS Marks
Flat Armor Seals
2 Scaling CDR Glyphs
7 of Your Favorite Glyphs (not really anything is going to make a splash here)
APen Quints

Masteries should be 9/21/0, IMO. Scaling CDR is so you get 10% at level 18 instead of 8.1%, which with either Youmuu and Ionian (an assassin setup) or with FH and blue pot (a fighter setup) gets you to the 40% cap.

If you lane top, I would instead go with...

APen Marks
Flat Armor or Flat Mana/5 Seals
Flat Mana/5 or Flat MR Glyphs
APen Quints

Armor seals and Mana/5 Glyphs against AD tops, MR Glyphs and Mana/5 Seals against AP tops. APen everywhere else because 1) he's a melee and shouldn't need the last-hitting help, and 2) flat APen stacks nicely with % Armor Shred.

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Snes C

Senior Member


Unless you're going full attack speed on your runes, AS Quints aren't worth the buy. Get 6 AS Marks, three APen Marks, and APen Quints and you get the exact same stats.