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Newbie's common mistakes

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Hello folks! First, I apologize for any mistake I may commit (Ohh, the irony), because english is not my native language.

Well, I'm posting this thread to expose some of the main errors i've been noticing, or even found myself doing. Im not the pro-est LoL player, but I'm just sharing some knowledge here. I would be happy if you guys could also tell us some of your experiences, that can add some stuff to this tips. And remember you can even learn a thing or two here


Master Yi: Forget that when you use Alpha Strike, you come back to your first target, not where you want. Think that Yi becomes the IMBAZORD when his ulti is active, and dies shamefully.

Shen: Newbies don't know that you can teleport to any ally with Stand Unite, regardless the distance.

Tryndamere: They don't know how to properly slow the enemies with Mocking Shout, and only level Spinning Slash, ignoring Bloodlust, his primary skill.

Jarvan IV: This one is sad. Often manage to get his entire team stuck with Cataclysm. The worst part is: they don't destroy the walls by reactivating the skill. Also thinks that Jarvan's standart has nothing to do with his lance

Singed: Newbies just ignore his passive. Singed can turn himself into a tank just with mana items. Also, they forget to turn Poison Trail off when there are no enemies nearby, leaving themselves without mana when they need. Also, don't know hot to properly Fling the enemies.

Kayle: SELFISHES! They never use Kayle's shield on their allies, leaving them to die by Darius' axe, or something like... keep themselves melee in a dangerous lane, just to "save mana/CD for when I need". Well, newbies with Kayle just don't use her skills on the allies...

Fiddlestick: MID OR I FEED. Don't know how to use his combo properly, too.

Udyr: I just don't know. Newbies with this champion are bounded to feed.

Ziggs: Failed Mega Inferno Bombs. Forget about his passive, and don't use it to combo with his skills.

Nunu: Nunu could easily solo if they leveled Consume, or keep harassing the enemies with Ice Blast. But IT DOESN'T HAPPEN. Also, newbies don't know how to use the brushes for cast Absolute Zero.

Anivia: Think they'll absolutely survive if they jump in 5 enemies, with Anivia's passive, Rebirth. But usually forget about its cooldown. And don't forget about the numerous times that they manage to block their own allies with Crystallize.

Fizz: Forget that Playful / Trickster can dodge almost every skill in the game, and don't know it aims for your cursor. Rarely record to activate Seastone Trident for additional damage.

Kassadin: Like Fizz, Nether Blade is an absent skill. So does Force Pulse, and I won't even comment about the failed Rift Walks.

Draven: When newbies pick him, they feed, that's a fact. Well, is not only by their newbish, but Draven is actually hard to master.


Elixirs: LOL,WHAT IS THIS? Tell me the last time you saw someone using this OP thing.

Sight Wards: MAN, IT'S YOUR FAULT I'M DEAD, WHY DIDN'T YOU CALLED MIA? A simlpe ward could have changed the fate of the poor newbie who died in the hands of the enemy jungle.

Vision/Oracle: DUDE, THIS TWITCH IS SO FED. They never spend money with this, and blame for dieing by the sneaky champions.

Summoner's Spells

Flash: overestimate its range, and end by facing the nearest wall.

Ignite/Exhaust: They pick it, but don't use.

Heal: TEAMFIGHT > BOOM, 5 heroes healing at the same time, ignoring that the effect is lowered by 50% for some period at being healed for the first time.

Teleport: Don't even know you can cast it on wards.

The other spells just don't exist.

Man, there's a lot to do with this thread. I just posted here some mistakes I remember now, but i'll keep an eye in the comments to add anything useful to this tips, XD. I appreciate some constructive criticism. This is a post for fun, but also has some useful tips. So if you guys have anything to complement, please, post it here