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Player Stats

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Player stats ... those of you who played Heroes of Newerth or even public DotA leagues (dotacash, THR, etc) know what I'm talking about.

Like on average per game, what is the player's:
-Game Length
-Minion kills
-Neutral minion (w/e they call) kills
-Tower kills
-Barracks kills (again, dunno what they call it here in LoL. The thing that gives u super minions)

I would love to be able to see these in game, and to be able to search for other ppl's stats too. If it's too much to put it online, maybe this feature add it onto the official LoL site?

This would b awesome to have in game too, like if u could see the player's average stats per game, except for each champion.

A irl friend told me that there used to be a visible K/D ratio, I'm sorta curious why they took that out.

Examples of player stats in HoN and DotA:

-Average HoN account stats: http://www.heroesofnewerth.com/player_stats.php?aid=252315 To see average stats for a champion click on the drop down called "Customize Player Stats Display:" and select a hero.
-Average DotA account stats (a website feature only. It's only if you play in their league. DotA doesn't record stats automatically and have an in game feature that HoN does): http://www.throneit.com/?p=stats&u=EchoingVoiD&s=useast.battle.net where it says "Season 1 Stats" click on the tab to the right of that saying "Off season".

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I think that most of us would love something like this

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Once a player hits level 30, you can see stats like this from their ranked games. I am personally obsessed with data, though, and support there being as many statistics available as possible. It'd be sick if we could see the k/d/a from all ten champions involved in a player's 47th game of Summoners Rift, even if they've got a thousand wins now.