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Best way to build support karma

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The Only Exor

Senior Member


Just bougth her to use as support. Not sure how to buuild her. getting flamed on all sides which is interesting how little she is played

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Karma Needs AP and CDR in order to function properly. She has best synergy with melee champions when playing support. She can support some Ranged ADs, but its difficult, and smart enemies will take advantage of her high mana costs, short range, and lack of hard CC.

Karma needs AP. If you build standard support items(Shurelia's, Aegis of the legion, Locket of the Iron solari), you won't do well. My build usually consists of Kage's pick, boots, Chaice of Harmony, and Deathcap. Make sure to keep the map warded, its your job. A few Assists go a long way, but aren't nessecary. I can usually get Deathcap by around 25 Minutes. If your AP mid rushes Wota, get Wota first, so you can enjoy the benefits of Double Wota.

My full build:
Amplifying tome + a Ward
Kage's Pick + Wards
Basic Boots + more wards
Deathcap + you guessed it, More Wards
Fiendish Codex + ORACLES (if you don't already have it)
Athene's Unholy Grail + oracles if you need to refresh it + more wards
Fiendish Codex (another one) OR Blasting Wand
Morello's Evil Tome OR Deathfire Grasp. (either will work, it comes down to personal preference)
Merc Treads/Ninja Tabi/Boots of Mobility (if you haven't already upgraded)
Will of the Ancients

That's only 5 items, Make sure you leave a spot open for wards. AT ALL TIMES. Its your Job to keep the map warded.

TL;DR Build Priority: Wards, Gp10, AP, CDR