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Help Planning for Next Buy

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OK, so a run down of my playstyle. I play mages, and that's typically where I stand. I don't do well as a tank in ANY situation. I like to keep my distance, blast enemies, and go from there. Though, I do need a bit of diversity.

I've been thinking about Wukong as a physical champion. He's quick, I can give him more HP or AD depending on what I want and it works well either way, and his abilities allow for some neat tricks.

Next is Rumble, I've been wanting him for some time, but needed to get a few more comfortable characters before branching to stranger ones. His steam seems like a strange mechanic to get used to, overheat included. He seems more like a more tanky mage, but not too physical.

Last is Lulu. I havn't played a support yet, but she seems like a good mix of what I'm used to as well. while not a full support, I think she might serve as a good intro to one such as Lux or Sona.

So far I have bought Veigar, Karthus, and Malzahar. (Malzahar being very new) I'm open to suggestions other than those mentioned, but these are the ones I have my eye on currently. again, I'm certainly open to other suggestions.

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Um, how bout playing all 10 champs in the new rotation each week like I did. That is by far teh best way to figure out who you like and dislike. Even if you dont like that champ, you at least know what they do. I recommend 1 custom 5v5 bot game to mess with builds and stuff. Then 1 real game if you don't hate the champ.

Buying new champs without playing them first is just a terrible awful idea.