Aster the Torn

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From the beginning of time there were the Rakkor, that lived on Mount Targon, and lived to fight and war with others. Though, at the peak, the lie a special group of Rakkor. They were the Solari and worshiped the sun. Their founder could summon the sun's power and blind his foes with it's power. No other had this power until Leona, but before her, there was another that sought it's power. Years ago, the Solari discovered a baby boy, crying and wrapped in a torn clothe, on the side of the mountain. Left to die by his parents, the boy was taken in by the Solari. Through the years he learned and grew, and was taught to praise the sun. But when he grew of age, when the Rakkors would have their ceremony, he grew empty, wondering what his purpose was. He met with the Solari and informed them of his wish to leave and discover himself. The Solari understood and let him go to seek what knowledge he wished. as time passed, he ventured into the Shurima Desert and found ancient hieroglyphs that led him to a tomb. Within, he found a blade that was old and worn. Upon lift the sword, however, it grew bright and shone like a white star, lighting up the dim room. Rushing out at his discovery, the boy raise the sword to the sky shouting, "I will bring this weapon of the sun to my home!"

But as he traveled back, he lost his way. Wandering deep into unknown lands, he arrived at an ocean at midnight. An old man glared and asked him if he wished to cross. Fearing nothing with his new artifact, he agreed, seeking more treasures. Later, as they neared the islands, fear gripped his heart. Over him loomed, dark trees that seemed to twist and turn, grinning wickedly. As he stepped ashore, he turned back to see just ocean, no ferry was there. Shaking he stood there for what seemed like hours until a cracking sound erupted from the trees. They began parting and he was drawn in by a mysterious light. Drawing closer, he could he screams and dry cackles of delight. Steeling his nerves, he drew the sword and charged in to see a woman, with black curls being tortured by a skeleton-like figure in a dark robe and coat. But she was blue, ghastly, and transparent. Recoiling from the image of a soul, the boy froze as the bony creature dragged a chain and lantern towards him. The woman screamed, "Thresh stop!". But Thresh kept advancing on the boy, grinning in his twisted boned way. Grabbing the boy, Thresh wrapped a chain around him and threw the lantern at the boy. The boy instinctively raised his sword, not knowing that the blade reflects one's soul, and shines or darkens with it. Piecing the lantern, the boy's soul was slowly being drawn out through the sword. Yet the sword served as a bridge both ways. Replacing the boy's soul, a dark spirit took refuge. The blade melded into a black and white swirl and gave off brilliant light and also absolute darkness. The woman at this point rushed forward into the lantern and with a flash of light, the sword fell out of the lantern and the boy and Thresh were knocked back. The boy, recovering first, ran for the shore, greeted by the old man and the ferry. On the boat and heading for the mainland, the boy writhed in pain from the opposing forces within. The spirit screamed from the tear of it's soul while the boy cried out from the merging with the spirit. This continued on for days and led the boy to stay away from cities and towns. Over time, the boy, being compassionate, learned what Thresh had done to the spirit. The spirit in return taught the boy dark secrets, knowledge only the dead know. Hiding away the boy learned to control the light and dark energies that spilled from his body. He chose to live on a mountaintop, to remind him of the home he left behind. Some nights, he could feel the sun's power yet also sense forces within the sky's empty void of darkness. It is from this he named himself Aster. Shedding his old name that he never used, and confident that he was at peace with his existence, he returned home. There though, the Solari shunned him and cast him out, for accepting a dark force. Running from his former home, hunted by the Champion of the Sun, Leona, he set his sights on a place that would make use of his power. Therefore, upon learning of the League of Legends, he set off to prove his choice of allowing the darkness, and his desire was only increased when he learned Thresh was there as well. For he even the most righteous have a darker side, and revenge is always sweet.

Aster is a Bruiser/Fighter that has a unique item that allows him to shift between his own soul and the dark spirit. It is called the Blade of Anima.
At each level, his blade gains 5 AD, starting at a base of 5. Also his Normal form gives him 1% damage reduction for each level, while the Dark Spirit form gives him 5 additional AD at the cost of 1% of current HP per attack. Also the Blade of Anima has a 5 second cooldown after switching forms.

His passive is called Double Personality: In Human form, Aster gains a shield equal his Armor and Magic Resist value added and divided by half every 10 seconds. In Dark Spirit form, Aster deals a percentage more damage while also taking a percentage more of damage and any sheild he gains by summoner spells or allies is reduced by half.

Q: Blade of the Soul-Aster throws a astral form of his blade dealing physical damage in a linear skillshot, hurting all enemies in it's path. If he is in Human form, the blade then explodes with light, slowing all enemies around for a short duration with a medium slow. If Aster is in Dark Spirit form, the blade then consumes the life of those around it to heal Aster for a certain amount.

W: Tethered-Aster tethers himself to any minion, or champion. If he is in Human form, he takes a percentage of damage for that target and they are buffed in movement speed. If he is in Dark Spirit form, he transfers a percentage of damage taken to that target and they recover it over 5 seconds.

E: The Other Side-Aster pools his and the Dark Spirit's energy to open a large gateway on the ground. If Aster is in Human form, the gateway will slow all enemies and heal all teammates over time. If Aster is in Dark Spirit form, the gateway will root all enemies that are moving for a second and burn them for a percentage of the max HP.

P: Release-Aster releases which ever souls is in control and let's it unfurl it's powers. If Aster is in Human form, the area around him slows all enemies and stuns those who stay for more than a certain time, it also drains their HP over time and gives it to the lowest HP teammate who is within a certain range. If Aster is in Dark Spirit form, he grabs all nearby units, suppresses them and reduces their HP by a percentage of their max HP in exchange for a percentage of Aster's max HP, the units, including Aster, then take additional damage from all sources and remain this way until killed, a duration of time has passed, or if Aster dies.

Ideally he would be a man with a dark cloak and a hood. Part of his face would he blackened and have cracks, looking like charred wood, while his other side would be lively but tired and saddened. He also would carry a long thin, two handed sword that would be grey and would pulse with either black or white, depending on his form. He would be about the same age as Graves and he would walk in a way similar to Aatrox, composed and straight backed. Also he would have quotes with, Lucian, Thresh, Leona, Pantheon, Diana, and perhaps some others that do not relate to his history. His voice would be somewhat warped and twisted, and have some sad tone to it. Also the abilities would be black or white depending on the form and be somewhat transparent.