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New Featured Stream – Guardsman Bob!

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There are a few guys starting that really could get some bump up. xHazzard for example or even old guys that are actualy chill, but never got much attention(Onebadbrad and Zekent, for example).

We all like bob. We like his music taste, his nice attitude and the stories he shares while streaming, but we ALL think there are some guys that deserve some love and haven't got any for a long time.

Yeah, good call on Onebadbrad and Zekent.

Haven't heard of xHazzard (kind of proves my point), I'll have to check him out.

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Bob is the most entertaining streamer out there, most are stupid loudmouths that made it into the "cool club". While Bob might not be the most *skilled* of streamers, he is definitly the best, with the best setup and the right vision for streaming.

But soon we will see big tv stations realizing that game streaming brings in big bucks and will host their own live game shows...

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zzzzz guardsman bob made me loose twice in rank!!!!