Prizzard, The Lost Rashemi

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I'd like to start of by explaining the name, as it is clearly used for everything. Originally Prizzard was an RP character in the Yahoo chat rooms of old, and was later made into a D&D Character (3.5e). I have now had this character in over a dozen campaigns, fleshed out a long story and perfected the balance of his abilities for my play style. Also, I notice that this name is never taken anywhere I sign up, so it has become my default. So, onto the champion, himself!

This is my first time writing up a champion, and likely the only time, so there is no need to bash me into never trying again. I know it's rough and I'm highly open to suggestions if you will cite examples for the changes you suggest.

Role: Top
- While he seems to have some high-output abilities, many of them share cool-downs, preventing a true bursty playstyle. Also, his abilities are more useful against champions than jungle monsters and he has no attack speed buff to increase the usefulness of items such as Madreds Razors

Physical Appearance: Pale human, worn out black cloak and robes.
- Images will come later, and anyone who wants to do art for this character, I have source material and a good description to offer.

HEALTH: 750 (+73)
HEALTH REGEN: 0 (+1.17)
MANA: 1000 (+58.8)
MANA REGEN: 20 (+1.17)
RANGE: 150 (Melee)
AD: 100 (+0.0)
AS: 0.667 (+0.0%)
ARMOR: 0 (+5)
MAGIC RES: 0 (+5)
MOV. SPEED: 360 (+5)

- Passive: Electric Vengeance (Shares a cool-down with Wraithstrike)
This ability activate immediately when struck my a melee attack or ability.
The attacker is struck for 100+(1/AP) magic damage and stunned for 0.25s.

- Q: Wraithstrike
MP:60/70/80/90/100 CD:6s
After activating this ability the next attack will deal Bonus Attack/Magic Damage
equal to 50% Total AD and 50% Total AP, ignoring 10/12/30/40/50% Armor and MR,

- W: Lightning Leap (Shares a cool-down with your E and R)
Prizzard teleports up to 1000/1200/1400/1600/1800 units, dealing damage
between his start and end points, dealing 80/120/160/200/240+(75%AP).
Targeting an enemy causes you to appear on the opposite side of them.

- E: Bite of the Werebear
MP:100/225/350/475/600 per second
Prizzard transforms into a Werebear, gaining greatly-increased physical statistics
at a high mana cost. 20%MoveAttack, 30/100AD, 200/100HP, 30Armor
- 20/40/60/80/100% Increase in Attack and Move Speed
- 60/70/80/90/100+(60%AP) Bonus AD
- 200/450/700/950/1200+(20%AD/AP) Bonus HP
- 30/60/90/120/150+(50%AD) Bonus Armor

- R: Storm Touch
MP:40/50/60 x Lv
The next (Champ Level) basic attacks deal 100/125/150%AP Bonus True Damage
These 'charges' fizzle after 6 seconds per champ level.

This is a champ which can easily go either AD or AP, but is at his best as a hybrid. And while his damage and boosts seem high, they are balanced out by high mana costs, and burst is prevented by shared cool-downs. I'm considering using a 6s cool-down on the W,E,and R shared timer, sticking with the D&D theme. Anyone wanting to see the source material (character sheet) to understand my goal is welcome to ask. And as far as his lore, I'm trying to expand it beyond him getting violently ejected into this dimension, suffering damaged memory to explain his sparse knowledge of previous abilities.