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Dominion Bug ~ The Wall Is Eating Me!

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So I ran afoul of this odd little bug, where it looks like you're stuck in a wall in Dominion.

You are, in fact, not stuck in the wall. You can manually walk into that little chunk from the left top side. Unsure what other bugs there are of this nature.

Aside from that I wish to speak to you all of the Respawn Points.
When you respawn you regenerate health. The regeneration field extends outward from where you regenerate. Graphically these extend out to different lengths/distances/overall lookie things.

I shall use crude Paint drawing skills to demonstrate what I mean.

On the blue Respawn the Regeneration Field, to now be known as Field, reaches to the top part of one of the steps. In the purple side you can be at the bottom of the same step and be receiving the healing.

I noticed this when I tried to heal in the same spot I heal in purple while on blue, using the belief that the map was mirrored equally.
I'm not sure if this is me being insane or not, however, and would like some verification from others.