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BUG: Talon's Q does not reveal Wukong

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SMG Aridhol

Senior Member


I have the custom game alt-tabbed now, just for testing purposes. I've combo'd properly using a lead with my silence to be CERTAIN that I am not hitting the clone with my Q (obviously this would be a problem hehe) and even still, when he uses the decoy, he is invisible to me. After a couple seconds, he comes back into view and then I can see him with my little dagger on top of his head as he walks away...

It clearly says "reveals the champion" so this obviously is a bug, right?

I always thought part of his Q's kit was its anti-stealth (vs Akali, Wukong, Shaco) but if it does not reveal them through stealth... why even have that tied to the ability?

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Junior Member


It's not only Wu that doesn't get revealed, I seen that same problem with Akali when she is in her shroud after I used Q on her, and is still invisible.

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Sneaky Cat



Interesting. This is something this monkey is very happy to exploit. (>:3)