Help with a few questions?

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Musical Symphony



Alright, first of all, I am not a noob, as I am pretty good with Karthus, getting 30/5/16 and the such as my usual scores. However, I think i need help with getting champions for other lanes. I do have Sion for a mediocre top, Trundle for a good jungle, but I have absolutely nothing for bot.

What champion would you reccomend for bot?


Also, I need help keeping my teammates alive, because I tend to solo baron at least once every game, but while i'm doing so, my teammates always rush the enemy and die before I can kill baron. I warned them to defend, but they still push.

How can I convince them to play safe? :/


Lastly, I might need some tips as to how I can avoid Teemo's mushrooms. I have no problems with Teemo himself, he is easy to kill. But the MUSHROOMS... they're EVERYWHERE!!! How does a skeleton get high anyway? How much drugs does Teemo carry? It's just rediculous how many times I've died from walking into Teemo's mushrooms at opportune times...