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Zyra W suggestion

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Frost Wolf EU



Today, 02:53 AM
I feel this seeds easy to counter Why ?

Reason 1
you can walk from seeds without any penalty only 2 sec vision on you is bad trade for zyra when she is on lane first of all this is main damage for zyra and counter it only with walk on them is best decision u can make maybe if seeds make some kind of poison or slow ppl will think about should i go and take away seeds ? For now everyone gonna do it and why not ? ..

Reason 2 i lvl up only 1 point in W and after i have no other choose i feel my 4 skill points wasted just for 4 sec cd reduction :?

Reason 3 when seeds is maked plant they die too easy with 1 Aoe Skill - useless in teamfight i like mechanics for this skill set but they must be make a lot harder to destroy

And my final suggestion zyra W can have some little passive cuz she doesn't have pasive skill for laning phase or whatever else this W can have some pasive mana regen or maybe some bonus ms when she is in bush

I wanna excuse for my bad english at all and i hope you will give some suggestion and feedback on this thread

+ Right now W have passive debuff for her

Each time you put a point in Zyra's W it permanently decreases your cooldown reduction by 4.0%. This stacks, so when you have 5 points in W you have 20% less cooldown reduction.

Repro steps:
1. Create masteries page with 4 points in Sorcery in Offense (any 4 points in top tier of Offense will do), to get 4.0% cooldown reduction.

2. Start game on any map (have confirmed bug on Summoners Rift) with Zyra.

3. At spawn hit C, confirm 4.0% cooldown reduction.

4. Put a point in W.

5. Hit C, confirm cooldown reduction is down to 0.0%

6. You can keep playing to get more experience and put more points in W to see successive decreases in cooldown reduction by 4% each time.