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[Champion Concept] Brynhildr, The Noxian Charge

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My original thoughts behind designing Brynhildr was that I was growing tired of chasing people to their turret only to have them hide under it, throwing things at my champion while they hid under the safety of their turret. I wanted to build someone who would take the fight to them, right under their turret and then I thought of the one type of person who could do that and strike fear into the hearts of others while doing it: a Noxian.

Fun Facts

Who is she? She’s the Juggernaut, wench!
As for a fun fact….Brynhildr isn’t very fun. Socially, at least. She’s a real kill joy. Both literally and metaphorically!
Brynhildr was one of my earlier projects and was the third or fourth champ I came up with.

Revealed Version

Brynhildr, the Noxian Charge


Attack: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Health: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Difficulty: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]
Spells: [X][X][X][X]

[X] = 1 point. Max is 10 points.


Bruiser, Jungler, Melee, Offtank, Tank

Item Recommendations

616860 616861 616863 616862 616864 616865


Juggernaut (Passive) -

Brynhildr is no stranger to battle. En contraire, she knows how to handle herself quite well. She gains armor and attack damage the longer she stays in combat. This deteriorates quickly when out of combat, however. Though the deterioration is made up for a permanent increase for every minion and champion kill.

Onslaught -

Brynhildr takes a dive at her target dealing damage, lifting them up and then slamming them down behind her to deal additional damage. This ability also gives her a permanent life steal bonus to her auto-attacks.

Determination -

She becomes determined to get that kill. Her attack speed, movement speed and armor penetration are increased and her next auto-attack does double physical damage which is converted into life steal.

Springboard -

Brynhildr impales one target and then launches herself at a second one. If the second target is struck they’re knocked away and then slowed down to be pursued or to run away from.

Noxian Doctrine -

They say that in Noxus the greatest honor is falling in battle. To Brynhildr it’s about still continuing the fight afterwards! She summons the spirits of two fallen warrior that mitigate incoming damage as well as stunning and taunting opponents that attack her. She Brynhildr takes too much damage and dies while the spirits are out they will take her place instead.


A barbarian turned slave turned warrior. Most of Brynhildr’s life has been a struggle, having to fight almost daily and mostly to entertain the crowd of Noxus’ Fleshing. Almost a decade passed while she entertained the masses, often ending her opponents in gruesome and ruthless manners. Though after surviving for so long in the fleshing and with new commanders needed, Brynhildr was offered amnesty and a position in the Noxian High Command.

The battlefields in which she could participate in were dwindling quickly leaving no hope for her ambitions if they came to a close. Growing restless with the lack of opportunities, Brynhildr jumped at the offer to join the League of Legends. Though little did they know that the Command had just handed her the means to extract her vengeance. Not only does she now have the influence to take on anyone she chooses, she now has the opportunity to eliminate some of their generals. Starting with Darius, the man that set her on this path to begin with.

“If the guise of your ally is unflinching, unmoving, then you can bet it is untrustworthy as well. Keep that in mind when you ride beside that one.” - High Command Official

Champion Tips

Playing as Brynhildr

Don’t be afraid to go under a turret and pull the enemy out from under it. Her Q would be her best friend for doing so.
Using Springboard is a good way to pick out a target from a group and push another enemy away from them.
Noxian Doctrine is best used around mid fight when damage is taking its toll on Brynhildr. The summoned spirits will mitigate damage while she auto-attacks to heal.

Playing Against Brynhildr

Going toe to toe with Brynhildr early on can prove fatal as she is built to chase down champions for a kill. Make sure you coordinate with your teammates to prevent feeding.
Stick close to your teammates as Brynhildr is notorious for singling out champions and separating them from the group.
If her ultimate is active take out her ghosts first and from afar. They blow up when they die but if she dies first they will take her place instead.

Complete Version


Brynhildr. Fearless Warrior. That’s what they called her, the adolescent who took on an invading squad of Noxians and came out bathed in the blood of her enemies. They had been caught off guard by a resistance they were not expecting, especially after half of her village already laid in ruins while the other half was slowly burning.

It was once a peaceful, thriving village that settled on the border between Freljord and Noxus. It was unfortunate that they were to first to learn of the Noxian Barbarian Pacification Campaign. The sprawling village was taken unaware and had been ransacked within a few hours. After that it was simply the matter of cleaning up any survivors.

The patrolling squad grew complacent after culling a handful of the remaining barbarians. They were laughing to themselves as they stuck the corpses that laid outside one of the last standing buildings in the village. When one of them speared the corpse that laid closest to the door a bloodcurdling scream filled the air. The men shuddered and held their ears. The first to recover looked up just in time to see a spear fly from the darkness and catch him in the chest.

Before the others could regroup their assailant was upon them. Whoever, whatever it was had retrieved the spear and stuck it through two more before their leader could regroup. When he looked up to see the attacker the spear was thrust into his throat. As he fell to the ground he looked into the expressionless face of a girl just into her adolescent years. With cold reflex she pulled the spear from the man’s neck, leaving him to choke on his own blood as he watched her leave.

There were very few stories that made it back to Noxus concerning that village. One of which followed behind the appearance of a young girl who had been brought to participate in the Fleshing. It was spread through the grapevines that the young girl had single handed slain one of the charging officers and several of his men before finally being captured and dragged to the capitol, fighting her captors throughout the whole journey. From then on only stories of her prowess in the Fleshing kept her tale alive.

Brynhildr is the name they gave her. The adolescent girl eventually grew into a dominating and imposing woman all the while surviving every challenge thrown at her in the Fleshing. The always passive, expressionless girl ran down many opponents in just as many ruthless, merciless and bloodthirsty ways. No one could tell if she enjoyed what she did, all they knew was that she was efficient at it. It came as no surprise that Brynhildr was offered amnesty and even a place in the Noxian High Command. Legends of her prowess continued on from the fleshing and the every battlefield she stepped away from.

When the Institute of War and the League of Legends came into the fold Brynhildr was kept on a short leash, remaining out of the picture and acting on other fronts that were not yet under the jurisdiction of the Institute. Though it wouldn’t be long before the battles she could participate in were growing scarce. After several months of inactiveness the warrior-maiden was growing restless. Fearing that the girl would go on a rampage they offered her sponsorship into the League.

The gladiator turned soldier was commissioned into the League of Legends just a handful of days later. It was there that her stories began turning into the namesake of the tournament she was participating in; legends. She was just as ruthless and determined as she had ever been as she hunted down opposing champions. Tales came back of how she often ran into the heart of enemy camps to take the head of any cowards that attempted to run from her. With spear in one hand, her trophy in the other and a complete mess from head to toe, Brynhildr would return to camp, eager and ready to face her next victim. Still no one really knows why the barbarian girl from the edge of Freljord is so earnest to fight for the country that ravaged her own.

“If the guise of your ally is unflinching, unmoving, then you can bet it is untrustworthy as well. Keep that in mind when you ride beside that one.” - High Command Official


League Judgment


This place was exactly to her liking, though no one could really see that. This was Brynhildr’s first visit to the Institute of War. She had been walking the catacombs for what seemed like hours as she took in the atmosphere and architecture of this place. Of course she had bumped into a few people that made it difficult for her to stay her hand, a feeling that was returned on more than one occasion.

As she was perusing through the scenery she came across a large wooden door. After idling on it for a few moments she looked over the carved panthers and up at the words inscribed above it. ‘The truest opponent lies within’ she read as she pushed the door open and stepped inside.


Brynhildr found herself sitting in cage that was being transported by a platoon of soldiers, many of which kept stealing glances at her before turning their head away. She looked down at hands that were hers but wasn’t and knew form the bindings what exactly was transpiring. In this moment she had recently slew a few dozen men, men that would otherwise be marching beside the ones that were now escorting her back to Noxus.

“Can’t believe she did that to Captain Morris,” one soldier whispered to another. “Filleted him like a fish with just her spear.”
“Not as bad as what she to Biggs and Jesse,” whispered the second one. “Let’s just say the two are joined at the hips now, poor guys.”

The young Brynhildr sat there listening to these stories of what had happened, all the while staring at the back of the man that had led the invasion and inevitably captured her. This was the moment she began to plan the downfall of this man and all of Noxus. Of course she didn’t know it then but she knew his name now and seeing this moment caused her blood to boil. Just as that feeling began settling in the man turned to look at her. When that happened the feeling completely drained out of her. This was not the man, that was not his grin and his eyes staring back at her.

“Why am I here?” Brynhilder spoke to the man playing the role of Darius.
“Oh, we have a quick learner here,” the man grinned more. “Shame you caught on so quickly. I was thoroughly enjoying listening to the stories. Of course, we’ve heard all of them. But to hear them just after they happened! Don’t tell anyone, but I applaud your work.”
“You didn’t answer my question,” she stared flatly at the man.
“Not one to gloat, hm?” he frowned then turned back to the front. “Let me answer your question with another, why is it that you want to join the League?”
“I want vengeance by my hand and by my means,” she said flatly.
“I assume this will just be your starting point then,” the man said as he looked down at his body. “This man now calls you ally and you would betray him then?”
“They are no allies of mine. They are tools being used to get what I want.”
“The ends justifies the means then, hm?” the man looked back at her. “Careful that your lust for vengeance does not consume you, Brynhildr.”
“The fires of hell has had trouble doing that, as has the forge of war. I doubt the path to vengeance will favor better.”

Darius turned back around, nodding politely. She watched him for some time though the longer they sat in silence the more the scene began to fade. As it faded Brynhildr and Darius began walking together in stride. The man turned back and grinned.

“Welcome to the League,” he said as he opened the gates leading into Noxus.

As they opened the world around her darkened save for the light emitting from the doorway. She looked behind her at the empty room she had been standing in. Without a second thought she exited the room, the heavy doors sliding shut behind her.



Upon Selection:
To battle, summoner!

Like Death’s breath.
Affirmative, summoner.
Didn’t you hear me say ‘No’?
Waiting on you.

Too easy!
I expect a good chase.
A new victim.
You cannot run!
None shall escape.

It‘s just a flesh wound! Said as she kneels down on her knees where she stays until respawned.

None shall pass!
Run! I
DARE you.

I only know of one joke….Ionia. Ah. Ha.
Demacia. Now there‘s the butt of any joke.

She sticks her halberd into the ground and folds her arms. She stays like that until moved.


Health: 452 (+90)
Health Regen: 7.2 (+0.79)
Mana: Manaless
Mana Regen: 0
Range: 185
Attack Damage: 57.62 (+3.71)
Attack Speed: 0.635(+2.7)
Armor: 15 (+3.7)
Mag. Resist: 35
Movement: 330


Bruiser, Jungler, Melee, Offtank, Tank

Item Recommendations:

Boots of Mobility
Randuin’s Omen
Trinity Force
Frozen Mallet
Atma’s Impaler
Banshee’s Veil


Name: Juggernaut
Effect: Brynhildr gains 1 armor and attack damage per second while remaining in combat, decreasing 5 points while out of combat. She also gains .1 attack damage and armor per minion kill and 2 attack damage and armor for champion kills, maxing out at 20 attack damage and 15 armor.

Effect: Brynhildr dives at the target doing 20/35/50/65/80 (+AD +.4 AP) physical damage. She then lifts the target up and over her head doing an additional 10/20/30/40 (+ AD + .2 AP) physical damage.
Passive: Permanent 4/8/12/16/20 life steal.
Animation: Brynhildr impales the target and then lifts them over her head and slams them into the ground.
Cooldown: 15/14/13/12/11
Cost: 0
Range: 650
Quote: Come and fight!

Effect: Brynhildr gains a temporary 15/20/25/30/35 % boost in attack speed, armor penetration and next attack does double damage which converts 85% into lifesteal. She also gains +50% movement speed. Lasts 8 seconds before going on cool down.
Animation: Her hands glow.
Cooldown: 40/38/36/34/32
Cost: 0
Range: 0, self

Effect: Brynhildr sticks the target for 30/45/60/75/90 magic damage then pole vaults on to the next target for 15/20/25/30/35 (+AD) physical damage, knocking the second target away and slowing them down. The vault is considered a skills shot able to be launched from the first target.
Animation: Similar to Fizz’s jump. She impales the first target, goes up and over them then lands, feet first, on or near the second target to push them further back.
Cooldown: 20/18.5/16/14.5/13
Cost: 0
Range: 450, knock back is approximately 480.

Noxian Doctrine
Effect: Brynhildr summons the spirits of two fallen warriors that stun the target(s) for 2 seconds and mitigate all incoming magical, physical and true damage. The spirits also have a taunt every 5 seconds and do 40/50/60% of Brynhilder‘s attack damage as magic damage and have equal her attack speed. Additionally if Brynhildr dies before one of the spirits they take her place instead. If they die before the spirit explodes, doing 150/200/250 magic damage to enemies nearby. Lasts 15 seconds.
Animation: Similar to Mordekaiser’s ghost but summoned in like Hecarim. Ghosts are randomized knights and barbarians representing Noxus and Freljord.
Cooldown: 240/210/180
Cost: 0
Range: 450, then stay within 300 of Brynhildr. 200 explosion radius.

Overview of Abilities:

From start to finish, Brynhildr is built to be the ultimate chaser and destroyer. She would have to be shut down early and quickly in order to keep her out of the game. Her passive implies just that; The Juggernaut. Staying in combat will keep her damage against minions and turrets up, allowing her to keep pushing. The only way to keep her at bay is to attack her head on and keep her away from turrets. Letting her in too close will allow her to do a lot of damage really quickly, even in early game.

Onslaught, her [Q], has been specifically designed to pull the “turret huggers” out of the safety of their tower. The initial attack is the main damage giver though the impact magic damage is just a small buff to it. This ability also works to pull enemies off of the more squishier types that tend to be targeted first. Another use for this ability would be to pull an enemy right into the middle of a group instead of letting them get away or run around. The passive alone is worth it as it gives her life steal as well. This ability should be maxed first.

[W], Determination, makes Brynhildr an even better killing machine. Giving her stat increases will make her more deadly as it allows her to chase down anyone who tries to escape or lets her out maneuver a clever gank. This ability can also be used to navigate the map quickly if she needs to get to one place or another, even if she isn’t attacking anyone. This ability can be maked third or last depending on the player’s preference.

Springboard is her [E]. Similar to Onslaught, she uses her halberd to pole-vault on to an enemy, carry herself over and then land on her actual target. This ties in well with both her [Q] and [W] as it will cause her to pull the target from safety, knock him further away and then give her stat increase, forcing her opponent to confront her. This ability can be maxed third or last depending on the player’s preference.

[R], Noxian Doctrine acts similar to both Mordekaiser’s and Hecarim’s ultimates. The summoned spirits come in and stun the two closest targets to Brynhildr. After that they take their places beside her as they assist with attacking, defending and damage mitigation. What damage is done to Brynhildr is dispersed evenly amongst the three. If Brynhildr dies before her spirits then she gains a buff similar to Zilean’s ultimate, sacrificing the spirit in her place.

Overall, Brynhildr is an exceptional force that should be welcomed and feared on the Fields of Justice. There is nowhere she would dare not tread if it meant her victims were heading there. Some would claim she’s a bit overpowered, I’d have to agree on some points but it is my humble opinion that this is the champion that the League needs.


Brynhildr, the Noxian Charge (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/Brynhildr.jpg) Her default skin.
Valkyrie Brynhildr (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/ValkyrieBrynhildr.jpg) Reaching back to her roots with the Valkyrie armor.
Dreadknight Brynhildr (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/DreadknightBrynhildr.jpg) Self-explained, Dreadknight gear.
Dragoon Brynhildr (http://i1206.photobucket.com/albums/bb448/C_Wulffe/DragoonBrynhildr.jpg) Spear? Determination? A dragoon skin would be all too fitting.


For more champions please visit:
Wulffe's Collection - Champions and Maps and Skins, oh my! (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2215916)

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nice drawing

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Thanks. Which one?

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I like it. Riot definitely needs to add another female bruiser to the game.

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Yes, yes they do! And it should be Brynhildr. *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

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Base Stats

Health and Health Regen are good for a bruiser/fighter, but armor and magic resist are too high. Magic Resist should be 1.25, as 1.25 and 0 are the only current champion Magic Resist increases per level. As a bruiser, rather than a tank, I would say her armor is too high, though for a tank build it would work well. Movement should be 330, since it ends in 5 or 0, every time. 330 is about Master Yi's base speed, by the way. Attack Speed is too high. If you look at existing champions, not a single one has a base of .700 or more. The increase per level is fine, though.

Passive - Juggernaut

Either the bonus should be very small, or this is overpowered. Since you didn't give numbers, might I suggest some? Perhaps 1 AD and Armor per second she's in combat, decreasing by 5 per second when she's out of combat? Out of combat would mean she hasn't taken or dealt damage in the last three seconds. As for the second part, I assume that means permanently, in which case it should be .1 per minion kill(both) and 2 for each Champion kill, for a maximum of 20 AD bonus and 15 Armor bonus. This makes it effective, but not overpowered.

Q Ability - Onslaught

Either this is going to have a low damage potential, or a higher cooldown. After all, it doesn't cost anything but time between uses. For the Passive, I suggest 4/8/12/16/20 lifesteal. For the Attack itself, I would advise 10/20/30/40 + AD + .2 AP, with the second part doing 20/35/50/65/80 +.4 AP. Going through the whole thing should take 1 second, during which time she can still be attacked or targeted. Cooldown for those numbers maybe 15/14/13/12/11.

W Ability - Deternination

Yes, I know, this isn't actually your W ability, but it should be. W is supposed to be the self-buff. Not E. Anyway, you should gain, perhaps a 15/20/25/30/35 % bonus to Attack Speed and Armor Penetration, while gaining a fixed amount of +50% to movement speed. It would last, say, 8 seconds and have a 40/38/36/34/32 second cooldown.

E Ability - Springboard

We've been over this. I know it isn't your E Ability, but it should be. On to other things. The cooldown is very erratic; This doesn't work in LoL, if it decreases, it has to decrease by the same amount. I suggest 20/18.5/16/14.5/13. As for damage, I suggest 30/45/60/75/90 magic damage(no bonus from AP), and 15/20/25/30/35 damage from the physical landing, since it slows them. And you shouldn't be able to target the enemies, it should be a skill shot, where she dashes forward, haldberd raised, to impale them, and then jump over, if she hits.

R Ability - Noxian Doctrine

I really like this, and there's only a few things. Again, cooldowns have to decrease by the same rate, so 110/95/80 would work. They should last maybe 8 seconds. Or, if they last longer, have a larger cooldown. 240/210/180 works if they last for 15 seconds. Attack Damage should all be magical, at 40/50/60% of Brunhyld's, but equal Attack Speed. On death or disappear, they should explode, dealing 150/200/250 damage to all enemies within 200 units of them when they died.


Very interesting character concept, nice lore, only a few flaws, since you mostly left the numbers out.

Of course my numbers might be flawed too...

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she's a great idea there's just a few things i would change, like instead of permanent stacks on her passive make them temporary to encourage last hits, and second would be to make somekind of cost to balance her out a bit cause so far she would a bit broken considering how easy it is for her to sustain herself with no penalties. Other than that its a great idea.

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Alrighty, Rolepgeek.

I fixed the stats, brought down magic resist, attack speed, movement, armor. Brynhildr is supposed to be an AD carry but can also be built as a tank type as she is meant to be able to charge into places no other champion would be willing to go.

Changed her passive as recommended. I like where it’s at now and it does look pretty good. Same thing with the Q. I switched the placements of the numbers as the original stab is supposed to be the main damage output with the impact after doing a small buffer damage.

Flipped W and E as recommended. I plugged in the suggested numbers into W and fixed the tooltip to better reflect it. I think the lookdown maybe a little high, but I’ll go with it cause you obviously are better versed in this than I am.

For E I also plugged in the stats though I think you misread the ability itself or I did not word it very well. The first target is the one that gets speared and from there she launches off of them and I performs a kick like move…..which I just emphasized in the animation description.

I went with the longer cool down in order to lengthen the use of the spirits and maximize their taunt ability, doing 3 taunts in total before leaving.

Overall I am very happy with these changes and thank you for your contribution, Rolepgeek. This has given Brynhildr a more solid foundation to build upon.

But I have to say that the numbers are and will forever be flawed. Thanks to that one little thing us humans call opinions. xP

@PhilAccio13, I do believe Role just helped me fix that issue a bit by giving some damage suggestions with higher cooldowns. Have another gander at her and tell me what you think now. If you still think she could use a resource then I'll be happy to see what I can do.

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ill review several of your champions if you would be as so kind as to make some art for my one champion? :')

posted on your collection but it seems this thread is more active

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Bump! ^^