new garen build? any help would be great.

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so i was dicking around in a game with myself and i came up with this build

the black cleaver
the blood thirster
frozen mallet
youmuu ghostblade
boots of lucidity

it gives you over 4k health and a great cool down rate at 38% cd, it has i think something like 308 damage ( idk because i didnt catch the full amount before the game ended), it also offers a amazing survivability rate, the only thing is, is that it only gives you a 15% crit chance,the constant cd rate leaves you with a almost 4 second cd on your 1st and 3rd skills and a 6 second i think on your second otherwise your down to like a 59 or 49 second cd on your ulti which makes it so you can just keep hammering the enemy with skills which is why i want to know what you think about this build and what you think might be better items for the job.
thanks for your time and consideration.