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[Guide] AP Poppy -- AKA "The fine art of carbonizing Ashe"

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Hello, I'm Dunkelzahn. You may remember me as "The Big D", or as the seventh president of the United Canadian and American States. I was also tragically assassinated in a conspiracy to empower an artifact that would protect the world against a coming darkness. You may want to read my will one day. Perhaps you're in it!

But in all seriousness, I'm Dunkelzahn, and I've played a fair amount of games as Poppy. I've tried every build on her: get Madreds Bloodrazors and Trinity Force, get tank items, etc etc. The one build I've found to be really effective (which admittedly was inspired by reading other people's experiences with the same subject), however, is AP Poppy. I've noticed a lot of people asking about Poppy lately, which is great! Poppy's great fun, and she has a playstyle that not many other champions have, which is to say, she has the playstyle of extreme tunnel vision. If you find yourself floating from target to target wondering who to hit, don't play Poppy. If you think hitting the tank is good, don't play Poppy. If the idea of making enemy carries tremble in a way that Akali or Kassadin only wish they were able to emulate does not appeal to you, don't play Poppy.

But if you love finding one person and carbonizing them better than anybody else in the game, Poppy is the stout pigtailed yordle for you.

"What the hell is carbonization?"
Carbonization or carbonisation is the term for the conversion of an organic substance into carbon or a carbon-containing residue through pyrolysis or destructive distillation.

Your job is to bring around the utter destruction of the enemy carry or squishy support so that they're broken down into material components and never seen again. And to do so, building AP is the best way to do it.

"But Dunkelzahn! When Poppy's in rotation, it clearly says she's a MELEE DPS! Where are your Maladies, your legions of attack speed items?". You're a funny guy. Read this guide to find out why building AP makes you a better unstoppable pigtailed carbonization machine.

NOTE: The format of this guide is modeled after Leirkov's most excellent guide to playing Tristana. As he too is an angry yordle who believes that actually getting damage instead of twirling Maladies like a putz is the best way to play Tristana, he is a man after my own heart.

DISCLAIMER: I don't claim that you'll win tournaments or make mad bucks by using this guide. But hopefully by using this guide, you'll learn how to play a very satisfying character and maybe pick up some other pointers along the way.

CHAPTER THE FIRST: On Poppy's abilities and passive, as well as pros and cons of playing Poppy.
CHAPTER THE SECOND: On how best to rune and set masteries for Poppy, as well as summoner spells.
CHAPTER THE THIRD: On what items to get for Poppy.
CHAPTER THE FOURTH: On how best to play Poppy.
CHAPTER THE FIFTH: General tips and tricks.
CHAPTER THE SIXTH: On which champions should be most prioritized for a pig-tailed ass kicking.
CHAPTER THE SEVENTH: Epilogue and general well wishes as you destroy squishies as Poppy.

CHAPTER THE FIRST: On Poppy's abilities and passive, as well as pros and cons of playing Poppy.

Poppy is an anti-carry. Let's get this straight. Poppy is an anti-carry. She doesn't get damage items like Tristana and carry the team to victory via pumping out amazing physical damage. She's not Annie or Vladimir, who can rally a team to victory by casting their very potent spells with their low cooldowns and such. Poppy is the biggest super specialist in the entire game. She's only good at one thing: carbonizing the enemy carry or other squishy character of note.

But she's the best hero in the game for doing this! Akali players may proclaim that Akali can Shadow Dance up to someone, Mark of the Assassin, auto-attack and then Crescent Slash for huge damage. Kassadin players boast of being able to Riftwalk in, Null Sphere and Force Pulse a carry for great damage, a slow and a silence. But can either of them do that *without the enemy team doing anything about it*? Nay, and that's why Poppy kicks so much ass. If your team is good and the enemy target of choice isn't able to easily get away (due to their nature, your team or you just plain out-playing them), there's almost nothing the enemy carry can do to prevent themselves from being carbonized or otherwise taken out of the fight.

So with that, here are some pros (and cons) of playing Poppy.

-- Arguably the best burst damage combo in the game once you get the right items
-- Surprisingly tough to kill thanks to your passive
-- Ultimate allows you to do your job with almost no complications
-- Pigtails
-- Yordle
-- Only good at one job, so she doesn't fit into every team. Enemy teams filled with tons of really beefy characters make Poppy cry. If Poppy could cry, that is.
-- Worst farmer in the game. No, seriously. Rammus can at least use Tremors (bad idea but hey), get Sunfires without gimping himself and armor = damage. Shen at least has Vorpal Blade and doesn't need many items to succeed. However, until you get your core items, you're not that great, and being a terrible farmer compounds this need.
-- Less-than-stellar lane presence. Heroic Charging someone and Devastating Blowing (ew) them does hurt a bit, but you're guaranteed to get punished for it. Plus that's less time farming creeps which you really, REALLY need to do.
-- Soulja Boy /dance.
-- Not that great of a voice actress.
-- She has no mouth in-game.

That said, let's take a look at Poppy's ability set.
(Passive): Valiant Fighter: Any damage dealt to Poppy that exceeds 10% of her current health is reduced by 50%. This does not reduce damage from structures.

This ability is really underrated and gives you some great survivability. If five people focus you, you'll probably explode still. But this ability makes it so that the enemy Ashe that you're focusing doesn't start chewing you up with huge crits before you can do your holy work. Note that this DOES NOT REDUCE TOWER DAMAGE, so don't get too ballsy and start tower diving (at least not without your ult!). Karthus and Garen will freak out and wonder why their "mash R for kill steal" button doesn't work when Valiant Fighter kicks in and reduces Demacian Justice or Requiem to a laughable amount.
(Q): Devastating Blow: Poppy crushes her opponent, dealing attack damage plus a flat amount and 8% of her target's max health as magic damage. The bonus damage cannot exceed a threshold based on rank.

In simple terms, Devastating Blow enhances your next attack to make it do stupendous amounts of damage. This ability is your core ability and one of the reasons why Poppy does her job so well. This ability IS affected by Exhaust/Blinding Dart/Phosphorous Bomb/other blinds, so if you get Exhausted, it's gonna be an agonizing four seconds in which you do absolutely no damage. The ability won't go off until you hit with it, but you'll basically stand there with a glowing hammer, swinging like a putz. However, it cannot be dodged, and Pantheon's passive will not block it.

NOTE: With the October 19th, 2010 patch (the Lux patch), Devastating Blow resets your auto-attack timer. This helps a lot with farming (for me anyway) and can help you kill people that much faster if they need to be D-Blowed more than once before they fall over. I just want to say THANK YOU, RIOT for making this change.
(W): Paragon of Demacia: (Passive): Upon being hit or attacking an enemy, Poppy's armor and damage are increased for 5 seconds. This effect can stack 10 times. (Active): Poppy gains max stacks of Paragon of Demacia and her movement speed is increased for 5 seconds.

This stellar ability gives you a little bit more damage to help your Devastating Blow out. It also increases your armor, making it harder for the enemy carry to try to kill you as she stands alone trying to fend off an unstoppable pigtailed killing machine. But the active is the most important part; it gives you the movement speed needed to close in on your target and carbonize them. It's also good as a last-ditch escape manuever, if you need it.

(E): Heroic Charge: Poppy charges at an enemy and carries them further. The initial impact deals a small amount of damage, and if they collide with terrain, her target will take a high amount of damage and be stunned.

This ability is one of the hardest things to use right as Poppy. The majority of this ability's damage comes from carrying your target into a wall. Oftentimes you'll overestimate the distance you carry them and they'll stop just short of a wall. Or sometimes, you just can't find a path to get them against a wall. Practice makes perfect, and the bonus damage + stun is what'll often make or break your 100-to-0 carbonization of the enemy. This ability also has a mini-silence, so it's good against channelers, especially Katarina during Death Lotus or Yi during Meditate, as well as throwing your intended target off their game for a split second.
(R): Diplomatic Immunity: Poppy focuses intently on a single target, dealing increased damage to them. Poppy is immune to any damage and abilities from enemies other than her target.

This ability, right here, makes Poppy so **** deadly. First off, it makes all of your damage sources deal 20/30/40% more damage. Keep in mind that this is "ALL damage sources", which includes Deathfire Grasp, Ignite, your auto-attack, Devastating Blow and Heroic Charge. Second off, it gives you immunity to all damage and abilities from enemies other than who you're targeting. Tanks cannot taunt you, Sion or Taric won't be able to stun you, Singed or Anivia won't be able to slow you, et cetera et cetera. You can literally ignore everybody but the person you're fixing to annihilate. This ability makes you a better anti-carry than Kassadin or Akali could ever hope to be. You'll want to use this ability offensively (in other words, don't put it on the tank just to save yourself), because 40% more damage is insane. Judicious use of this ability will make any Ashe player run to the forums asking why Poppy is allowed to burst through her 2,000 health 30 MR frame in a split second.

This ability CAN bug out sometimes, so be careful. It's not happened to me, but other people have experienced it, so be wary. Also note that this ability IS affected by spell shields, so be careful about rushing to target that Sivir or someone with Banshees only to find your D.I. on cooldown and them cackling all the way to base.


R > Q > E > W

This order will be sufficient for most games. Devastating Blow is your bread and butter ability, Heroic Charge does decent damage and is your only source of CC, and your ult is of course just awesome. One rank in W is generally all you need, since you'll have 440 movement speed with rank 1 boots + rank 1 Paragon and the movement speed utility mastery, which is considerably faster than most heroes with fully upgraded boots.


CHAPTER THE SECOND: On how best to rune and set masteries for Poppy.

I'm a big believer in the generalist rune builds. I don't like having to swap runes out for every character I play because I can't min-max like that. I also don't have any extra rune pages. So here's what I use:

Red: Magic penetration. Devastating Blow, Deathfire Grasp and Heroic Charge do magic damage. Magic penetration helps.
Yellow: Mana regeneration per 5 (flat or scaling). I used to advocate dodge, but I realized how little benefit you get for using nine runes (especially with Valiant Fighter).
Blue: Magic resist per level. Poppy is one of three melee heroes (the other two being Sion and Taric) whose magic resist doesn't scale with level.
Purple: Flat HP. Survivability is great, especially in the early laning phase where you need to farm money and that **** Ashe that you'll be carbonizing later on keeps shooting you with frost arrows.

For masteries, the general 9/0/21 is a great build. Utility gives you movement speed, cooldown reduction and mana regen while Offense gives you superb magic pen, cooldown reduction and a little bit more AP. If you want to use Exhaust, pick up Cripple. If not, pick up the crit talent...I guess.

SUMMONER SPELLS: You could go a few routes here.

Ghost + Ignite: I personally hate Ignite (irrationally so, especially when I see supports or tanks get it) but since it's affected by your ultimate, it does a considerable amount of damage. Plus you have negligible range and Ignite serves as a ghetto ranged damage ability/finisher.

Ghost + Exhaust: Improved Exhaust lowers their magic resistance, which makes you do more damage. Plus it slows them down. The only disadvantage is that if they flash away from you with 100 health left, you don't have Ignite to finish them off.

Flash + Ignite/Exhaust: I personally think that Ghost is a lot better than Flash in every way. Flash is good on Poppy if you want to position Heroic Charge or surprise tackle people into your tower or something, but IMO Ghost is just plain better.

The other summoner spells don't give you nearly as much bang for your spell as the above three do.

CHAPTER THE THIRD: On what items to get for Poppy.

Start out with a SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL + 2 HEALTH POTIONS. With the Doran's changes from forever ago, you can't get a health potion with your Doran's item and as a result you have negligible regen as the worst laner in the game. Plus you can get your Sheen a lot faster.

On your first trip back to base, grab some BOOTS. You won't be upgrading these until later, but having boots early on is great.

When you can, complete your SHEEN. This bad boy gives you 25 AP, which is a decent amount to work with, as well as +250 mana which is a great amount for now. Most importantly, the 100% more damage proc stacks with Devastating Blow. This will allow you to put some serious hurt on people at this stage in the game. Not enough to make people go "wtf ap poppy", but good enough for government work.

Your second core item is a DEATHFIRE GRASP. If you've been farming well and have a few kills under your belt, grabbing your FIENDISH CODEX is not a bad idea. Most of the time, you'll want to get KAGE'S LUCKY PICK for the extra 20 or so AP and the gold per ten, which really helps with your atrocious farming ability. The point is, you want your DFG as soon as possible. This item really makes you the fearsome Ashe-carbonizing machine that you aspire to be. You'll probably get your Deathfire Grasp at about 15-25 minutes, assuming terrible farming (like, 40 CS by this time). It's a reasonable time, so don't fret.

After that, upgrade your boots to SORCEROR'S SHOES. At this stage in the game, your W + regular boots probably aren't cutting it, especially if they're packing slows or have eventually upgraded their own boots. These fancy new shoes give you enough magic pen to deal almost true damage to most enemy carries (who will be stacking attack damage or Maladies) as well as giving you that extra speed boost. After that, start working on an ABYSSAL SCEPTER. It gives you a pretty **** good amount of AP, it reduces their magic resist (helping both you and your teammates out) and gives you a decent amount of magic resist which you'll sorely need at this stage in the game.

So you've gotten:
Deathfire Grasp
Abyssal Scepter
Sorceror's Shoes (or Mercury Treads if you need the CC reduction)

There's quite a few routes you can go here.

LICHBANE -- I know that I'm hopping back and forth on how good Lichbane is, but it is a great item and I'm sorry for being close minded about it.
VOID STAFF -- Unless their team is extremely beefy, getting this is just overkill. Now if Ashe has Boots of Swiftness + Infinity Edge + 4 Negatron Cloaks, then by all means, go ahead and get a Void Staff.
BANSHEES VEIL -- If you feel like you're doing enough damage at this point in the game, getting a Banshees will give you some decent stats, some more magic resist and the spell shield really helps against targets that you ult that have some kind of CC (read: Ashe).
THORNMAIL -- A great sixth item if the enemy team's DPS is getting out of hand. Thornmail + Paragon of Demacia will give you 225 armor, which combined with Valiant Fighter makes you one tough set of pigtails to kill.
HEXTECH GUNBLADE -- This is purely theory (I haven't ever built a Gunblade on Poppy), but if you've got the cash for it, Gunblade provides another nuke, some more AP, some spellvamp (you'll get about 400 health back from pyrolyzing Ashe which isn't bad), and some auto-attack damage which helps out Devastating Blow. It's definitely a luxury item, though.

Be sure to buy a Blue Elixir if the game's dragging on. Sure it's not as good as it used to be, but it's a nice boost.

CHAPTER THE FOURTH: On how best to play Poppy.

Your success as a catalyst of carbonization or other form of decay will depend a great deal on the enemy team composition. As elaborated many times throughout this guide, Poppy is best at bursting enemy squishies until they cry tears of carbon. So do yourself a favor and look at their team. Your success in the game and how much fun you'll have is directly proportional to how many squishies they have. If they're a team of Ashe/Annie/Veigar/Soraka/Janna, you're going to have a freaking field day. If it's Mordekaiser/Sion/Udyr/Galio/Garen...not so much. Pick somebody (or multiple people) on their team and make a mental note to make their lives a living hell throughout the game.

In ranked gameplay, pray that you get third or fourth pick. Obviously if you're in a pre-made, you can arrange that, but in solo queue, pray that you get the third or fourth pick. If you first pick or even second pick Poppy, the enemy team will probably load up on tanky dudes with lots of CC. If you get third or fourth pick and the enemy team picks a carry, you're set. As said before, Poppy doesn't fit into every team. She's a stupendous counter-pick to the enemy carry or squishy support. If your team is Taric/Sona/Galio/Amumu or something and you need a carry like Miss Fortune or Twitch, picking Poppy might be a bad idea. Just some advice.


Poppy is always best in a side lane. Soloing mid is a terrible idea because Poppy's harassment capability is negligible and most ranged characters will have a field day with a melee that can barely fight back. Plus, the lane is too open for you to pin people against the wall with Heroic Charge consistently. Poppy's also bad in a 2v1 scenario with somebody on your team jungling, because then she'll be the target of all the enemy harassment. I remember being stuck with a solo top in a normal game against Shen and Garen. That was not fun. However, in a side lane, Poppy can do a fair amount of damage, and with the right lane partner, you'll do fabulous. If they're pushing up on your tower, pinning them to a wall with Heroic Charge and nailing them with a Devastating Blow will hurt quite a bit if they slip up. Don't expect to harass really well like a Garen or Sona or somebody of that caliber, but don't neglect being able to put the hurt on people. Somebody like Morgana, Sion, or Taric will make for a great lane combo.

MID GAME (7 - 12)

Hopefully, if you've farmed well and maybe even gotten a few kills or even pushed your tower, you'll have your boots, a Sheen and a Kage's Lucky Pick. If so, you can try to gank mid or the other lane. Poppy is a decent ganker because Heroic Charge can stun and silence, and if used especially well, can do the previous while also forcing the enemy to cover more ground if they don't want to die. Generally, what you want to do is: Hit W, hit Ghost (if applicable), run from the bushes to your target, activating Diplomatic Immunity and Devastating Blow while beelining towards them, pin your target against a wall with Heroic Charge and smash them with your glowing hammer. This, combined with your teammates' help, will result in a dead enemy and some cash for you.

However, sometimes you haven't farmed that well and their Mordekaiser/Janna lane has pushed your tower at 10 minutes and you've got nary a creep kill to your name. If so, just keep farming. You're only gimping yourself if you try to gank with only a Sapphire Crystal and some boots, because your damage isn't that good until you get a Sheen and some AP. You'll want to get your Deathfire Grasp and Sheen as fast as possible before everything goes to hell and team fights start happening. But once you do, you're suddenly very dangerous.

When team fights start happening, find your target of choice, let the **** hit the fan, beeline towards them and hit R on them and proceed to Deathfire Grasp + Charge + Devastating Blow. Ideally, you'll want to Charge and during the animation, hit your DFG key and shoot them, but most of the time, just doing the sequence will result in huge damage provided everything goes right (ie: DFG hits first for maximum damage). Keep on them until they're dead or out of the fight. Once they're gone, find another target and just pummel them with Charge + D-Blow. Repeat until enemy team is carbonized. You probably won't bring them from 100 to 0 (especially if you don't hit them against a wall) with just a Sheen + DFG, but you'll come really close. When you get Sorceror's Shoes and an Abyssal Scepter, you'll start bringing people from 100 to 0 with consistency.

LATE GAME (13 - 18)

If the game has gone well, you're a force to be reckoned with. Nothing short of Flash, immense CC or exorbitant amounts of magic resist will stop you from absolutely exploding someone during a team fight. Keep up the pressure and do the standard procedure of pushing towers and destroying their Nexus. Not much to say here; Poppy's a one-trick pony who does the same thing throughout the game; it's just that at this stage, you do your job with ruthless efficiency.


CHAPTER THE FIFTH: General tips and tricks.

Just some general tips about playing Poppy that don't really fit into the above section.

-- Valiant Fighter DOES NOT affect Ignite (it's classified as True Damage in death recaps), Reckless Swing or Feast (once again, True Damage). It does affect everything else though! I tried to Buster Shot an enemy Poppy as Tristana to kill her and Valiant Fighter saved her life. It's nearly impossible to be killed by Demacian Justice since it'll do diddly squat damage. It's really a good passive, just not a really amazing passive like some of the other champions have. Don't knock it. I used to. ;[

-- Diplomatic Immunity's range is pretty long. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. On one hand, it allows you to use it defensively from a big range in case you really need to. On the other hand, standing outside the team fight and hitting R at max range alerts the enemy team and your target of choice that you're about to come in and sing the song that ends the earth. This gives them time to start running the hell away or to prepare some CC for you. The ideal thing to do is when the team fight starts, pop W + Ghost (if you have it), charge into the team fight and THEN use R. It'll buy you some precious time before the enemy realizes that you're about to do something.

-- Be sure to right click on your target before charging them. If you don't have a target selected prior to using Heroic Charge, you'll automatically attack the nearest target with your auto-attack, and you'll look like a real dumbass when you swing at that caster minion and waste Devastating Blow on it. If you're not sure, just right click them at various intervals while you're performing your combo just to make **** sure you're hitting them with Devastating Blow.

-- If you can, and your team doesn't have an Anivia/Singed/any caster, getting Golem is a great idea. With max CDR, Poppy's Devastating Blow is on a 2.4 second cooldown, and her mana problems will be non-existent with the mana regen Golem provides. Just don't hog it if someone on your team really needs it.

-- Towers and tower debris count as terrain for the purposes of Heroic Charge. It's not terribly game breaking but having another chunk of the lane be fair game for your Heroic Charge can help.

-- EDITED: LolCatLol and Dobz enlightened me on just how magic penetration works:
"Number penetrations take place first, so if you have 50% MPen and 30 Mpen, a 60 MR target will get (60-30)*50% = 15 MR's worth of resistance."
"Just to add onto LolCat, reduction comes before penetration (flat followed by %) and penetration can not lower Resist below 0 but reduction can."

So with Sorceror's Shoes, an Abyssal Scepter, a Void Staff, magic penetration runes and the 15% magic penetration talent, you'll reduce 100 MR to 26 MR.

And it gets better from there. Sort of. The point is, unless they're a tank, you'll do some great damage to them.


CHAPTER THE SIXTH: On which champions should be most prioritized for a pig-tailed ass kicking.

I figured it'd be a good idea to write this chapter because, while going after Ashe or Twitch or Miss Fortune (this dragon's new preferred quarry) is fun as hell, you're really doing your team a disservice if your own carry is being chewed apart by the enemy Poppy or Akali or Kassadin. If your carry's going 2-14 because he keeps getting focused and your team has no damage every fight, that's a bad thing. Your job is to curbstomp the enemy squishy's brains out, but choosing the target of your ire can be tricky.

Priority 1: Ranged DPS. Unless your Twisted Fate swan-dived into the enemy Vladimir or Akali's wallet six times during the laning phase, blowing up their ranged DPS carry (or carries) is the best idea and the only reason I ever queue up to play as Poppy. Ranged carries will indisputably be the most dangerous people mid to late game.
Priority 2: Other anti-carries. While you may be the most badass (and cutest) anti-carry around, the enemy team will probably have Captain Sideboob or Darth Vader gunning for your ranged DPS, too. When team fights start and Akali jumps in, do your friendly Tristana or Twitch a favor by splattering her brains against the wall.
Priority 3: Mages. If you can catch Annie before she drops Tibbers on your team, or if you manage to get Anivia before she does her patented hit-R-and-spam-E technique, you've saved your team a hell of a lot of burst damage and CC. You're one of the best Vladimir killers out there because 3,000 health doesn't mean **** when your damage is mostly percentage based.
Priority 4: Melee DPS. Unless the enemy team has Yi or Tryndamere as their carry, most of the time they'll either have a more dangerous ranged DPS, or they'll have someone beefy like Xin Zhao or Olaf as their melee DPS. Still, if Yi's 6 Phantom Dancers are going to town on your team, destroying him is a good idea.
Priority 5: Support. Unless Sona's throwing her cheese-grater looking ult and totally wrecking your team while slinging mad heals, prioritizing support champions most of the time isn't a good idea. Since they're support, they're making another person more dangerous and your job is to destroy said dangerous people.
Priority 6: Tanks/tanky characters. Just don't.

Now remember, this is just a guideline. Use your own judgment (combined with my hopefully helpful insight) to determine who needs to be destroyed.


CHAPTER THE SEVENTH: Epilogue and general well wishes as you destroy squishies as Poppy.

Well, this is it. I know this guide is pretty wordy, but I just wanted to make absolutely sure that A: you learned something about AP Poppy and B: you were entertained as you read this guide. If you do decide to play some AP Poppy, remember to have fun! And have your favorite dramatic chase/hunter music playing. "Run, Rambi, Run!" from Donkey Kong Country 2 works the best.

Have fun on the Fields of Justice, and make sure to keep a trophy hall of every Ashe you kill. Because killing Ashe as Poppy is for reasons unknown more satisfying than killing anybody else.

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Well done

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"NOTE: The format of this guide is modeled after Leirkov's most excellent guide to playing Tristana. As he is too an angry yordle who believes that actually getting damage instead of twirling Maladies like a putz is the best way to play Tristana, he is a man after my own heart."


Also, this makes me want to buy Poppy.

.. but I just spent all my IP on Vlad. FML. :[

EDIT - Also, Lich Bane over Trinity? I've heard Trinity is the way to go (and it does give HP/MP, nice, and movespeed which you mention helps you run people down). Just curious.

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Lichbane provides a bit more damage since it takes your AP and adds it as damage, rather than adding 30% of your base damage. With DFG + Lichbane, you'll have around 150-160-ish AP which is more damage (160) than Trinity Force (156 [120 base + 30% more]). And since you're getting magic pen, more AP gives you more damage in the long run. Plus, some of the stats are kinda fluffy on an AP Poppy.

Trinity Force would be good for a more run of the mill DPS Poppy, which may have more staying power in a team fight instead of just having huge burst. But ****, AP Poppy is too much fun (and can be really effective) for me to ever play DPS Poppy again. :[]

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Poppy will be my next buy then. Great guide brah.

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+1 for your name ALONE, I wish I could give another +1 for the first paragraph. Then a third +1 for an enjoyable and interesting guide.

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I have a question. If an opposing Poppy Ults you, and you Ult a different champion. What happens? I'm not sure on who is allowed to hit who, and how the invuln will work.

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Never thought of Deathfire grasp on poppy, but after trying I was amazded. Ult-> deathfire on olaf 1046 dmg. Good guide and definetly fun build.

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Have you ever tried mixing in Hextech Gunblade into your ap build before? I know it's pricey, but as the main focus of this build is devastating blow(aren't all builds revolving around it? haha), the gunblade works on it perfectly. Poppy naturally hits hard with Dev. Blow, so she's not really sacrificing gold to buy the item I think.

The damage and ability power on it both beef up your Dev. Blow. The 60 damage+Paragon would make your regular hits between Dev Blows not as weak anymore, thus allowing you to pump out a little more regular damage say for that 1-2 hits Dev. Blow/proc isn't on, or you're out of mana.

Let's not forget the life steal and spell vamp. She would gain life from both fairly quick between Dev. Blow and her other abilities, not to mention her getting fairly good life steal on regular hits from the Gunblade damage+Paragon passive. Lastly, the active. Ahhh the active. Deathfire is a necessity to use first to get the maximum damage, but this active does a flat 300 magic damage regardless. That would mean 300+20/30/40%+any spell pen you have would make it a good chunk of damage inbetween abilities and sheen/lich bane proc.

Just a thought, after testing out your build it was fun but then I wondered what the Gunblade was like, and I'm still messing around with it.

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@Hiclic: I'd imagine the opposing Poppy won't be able to hurt you, since you're invulnerable to any damage or abilities from her. If she ults you first, you'll still have the debuff, but she won't be able to hurt you since you're now immune to everything else.

Have you ever tried mixing in Hextech Gunblade into your ap build before? I know it's pricey, but as the main focus of this build is devastating blow, the gunblade works on it perfectly. Poppy naturally hits hard with Dev. Blow, so she's not really sacrificing gold to buy the item I think.

I've always thought of Gunblade has a luxury item, but it may actually be really good now that you mention it. Extra nuke, more AP, and you'll have almost 200 AD with your W maxed out. Plus, if the spell vamp works with DFG, you're basically healing yourself to full. And if not, 15% of 3,000 magical damage is still a lot of health.

I think I'll try getting Gunblade one of these games. Thanks for the inspiration!