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Elo hell, myth? or fact?

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TCM Killer

Senior Member


ok here are my two cents on this. There are arguments for and against the existence of elo hell. I have only recently started playing ranked and as most people I assume I don't belong here. Unfortunately every game I am getting into I am being placed as one of the last few picks and while letting team know what positions I am best at they are constantly ignoring my requests and mostly I end up as support. I am a decent support and laning phase my last match I was 2/1/10 by the end of laning phase alone. Unfortunately my team can not team fight and I can't carry a team from the support posistion. I agree with the argument that you should be able to get out of elo hell if you are skilled enough and play those ap mid carries and top lane carries to do it. I wish I could do that, however as long as the game sticks me as the lowest placed person on my team I will never be given the chance to do this. Even when going duo with a buddy of mine we are both placed as the bottom two picks.... I get it's based on elo well then give me some lower elo people so I can carry them. I am still above 1100 elo and I know there are tons of people below me. Why do I keep getting placed as last pick 5 games in a row?

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Flux N Flow



You will not get a perfect team every single **** game,

The only reason we think ELO hell exist is because we reflect so hard on those horrid 4v5 games that we completely forget about all the good games we have had.

You deserve and will always in my opinion deserve your ELO, You will have good games you will have bad games, just spam ranked and eventually you will find yourself at the ELO you truly belong at.