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Bug - Bush Graphics Unreliable

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I only started noticing this problem since the last patch.

While playing support as purple, I warded the bottom river bush on its left edge. Twice, the ward visually appeared to be in the bush but acted as though it was outside (no vision of bush).

The same thing happened when warding Blue's curvy mid-river bush. I dropped a ward on the outer edge of the bush and it gave no vision of the bush while graphically appearing to be within it.

I play support frequently and I don't recall having this problem before the last patch.

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Shattered Light

Senior Member


This also happened to me playing blue, bot lane and warding the bush against the map wall wall just past the last tower. If you place a ward near the edge of the bush it will appear to be hidden in the bush but not grant sight. The ward is clearly within the bush but near the edge yet it will not grant bush sight.

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Junior Member


I have to echo this my last game as support I dropped a ward clearly in the bottom mid river bush and it clearly seemed to be in the bush but didn't give vision on it.

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Hey! I've had this bug happen twice now (or something quite similar).

My ward was in the bottom-most bush on blue side. I dropped it in the southwest corner of the bush. Except it gave me vision of part of the bush, but not the top part. Champs would go in and not be visible until they got closer to the ward. Almost like there are two "sections" of the bush and the ward was only giving vision of one of them.

Second time didn't happen with a ward, but with my own champion's vision. I charged into, again, the southwest corner of the bottom bush (blue side) to give vision to my adc, but their Sona never appeared until I got quite a ways into the bush (too late by then of course, and I took "tons of damage" for my troubles).