My Awesome Jarvan?

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Hey all, noob to the forums. Been playing League for like 6 months now, on and off, and Jarvan is easily my best. I'm level 19 so I'm still pretty nooby, but I think my Jarvan may actually be really good. I've died a total of 5 times in my last 6 games as him, with quite a few assists and some kills here and there. I always go top, but normally duo lane since not many people jungle at this level.

I start with Doran's Shield, then Ninja Tabi, Warmogs, then either Atma's or Thornmail, depending on what I'm against. I can pretty easily survive 1v2 fights and sometimes pick up a kill from them. I harass a lot with his Q and E, but mana can sometimes be a problem. I'm worrying that my build won't be as effective against AP champs. Can I get some feedback on whether this is good or not? Anything I can improve on?

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Well J4 is my hard main and I always always start him the same way in each lane: jungle, bot kill lane support, top. Regrowth Pendant/H Pot x 1 to Philo Stone to boots then HoG. The Gp5 keeps up your income and turns into an Omen and Shurelya's (Although I generally will sell my Philo Stone for a Locket of the Iron Solari)

Thornmail really isn't a good item, just get the heart of gold then make it a Randuin's Omen. It'll shut done an ad much harder then thornmail and slow them in the process.

Ninja tabi are decent boots but most people will usually recommend Merc Trends for that much needed tenacity. You also say you need more survivability from mages so that'll help also. Check the other team's situation and comp, are they AP heavy? Is that Ryze mid getting fed? Is there a lot of hard CC? If yes to any of those Merc Treads are better than tabi.

Atmog's is nice but you don't have near enough hp from items to make it worth it since the nerf. I would recommend a Frozen Mallet for more damage and sustain with the Warmog's Atma's combo or just go for a Trinity Force and get a lot of damage that way and save yourself some item slots for more sustain. I always go with an Aegis also for J4 since he always fills some kind of tank role and it offers a fair amount of each stat you need and an aura! If those AP carries are still shredding you then get a Force of Nature that'll help that.

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Well first off start with boots and 3 pots. Doran's Shield is a trap for new players as it seems like a good opening item but actually offers less lane sustain then 3 potions. Regrowth Pendant and 1 pot goes the same way. It seems good but again it offers less sustain then 3 potions. There is a reason pro’s open with boots and 3 pots.

Ok now that we have gotten that out of the way let’s talk about Jarvan. I have seen a lot of people build Jarvan as a tank going for late game items and that’s fine. Jarvan can be a strong initiator and a great tank but I feel going this rout is missing out on his potential, his massive burst damage. In the early and mid-game a full combo from Jarvan can drop squishy targets and chunk down the tanks. When built correctly he becomes a terror for most carries and mages who simply cannot escape him.

Instead of detailing the build I use I’ll simply provide the link where I got my start playing him. The author of the guide, Plazmuh, covers everything from why he picked specific runes and masteries to how to properly use your mana and passive. It’s a great guide for Jarven players looking to deal some damage rather than be a meat shield.