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[Guide] Evelynn the widowmaker - Advanced guide for Experts

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Table of Contents

Champion Information
---[Strengths and Weaknesses]
---[Hero Stats]
Pre-Game setup
---[Summoner Spells]
Skill Build
Item Builds
---[General Setup]
---[Situational Changes]
---[Champion Matchups]
Early Game
Mid Game
Late Game (turning your weaknesses into strengths)
Mini Enemy Hero Guide


Welcome! First things first, who am i? Well to tell a little about myself i am Mr.Cygnus! I have a very strong background in high end competitive gaming, former Starcraft and and Warcraft 3 American top player. Currently still doing audio commentaries and guides for WCreplays.com. What brought me to League of Legends is the strong and vastly growing community of competitive gamers and the fact that his game is addictive and fun as hell!

Secondly... Why a guide on Evelynn? A hero considered to be the bottom of everyones tier list. Evelynn... the situational pub noob hero with no place in high end league matches right? WRONG!! I promise by the end of this guide you will see Evelynn in a whole new light. I have read every single guide posted in these forums and played every hero at length and spent the last few months with Evelynn as my main tweeking and theory crafting all strats and aspects this game has to offer to date.

In this guide i will not only to show you how to dominate with Evelynn, but go over many advanced tactics and ideas on how to improve your gameplay along the way.

Lastly, even though this guide is geared towards Expert players, i feel players of average or beginning skill levels can still enjoy it and pick up a tip or 2. Also this guide is not only for people who enjoy solo public que's but mainly for those who wish to utilize Evelynn to her full potential in high end 5 man league matches. So, enjoy!


-----[Strengths and Weaknesses]

Now this is where we will break down Eve and show you why she is so misunderstood.

One of very few stealth heroes
One of the highest, if not the highest over all DPS hero in the game (more on this later)
Extreme ganker
Super fast move speed
2 natural escape skills making her hard to be ganked (more on this later)
Has a stun
One of the best debuffs in the game (- MR and -Armor in 1 shot + stun)
One of the best heroes at playing mindgames with, very feared if played right
One of the games strongest mid game heroes

To be played correctly, requires very high amount champion knowledge & map awareness
Very squishy, goes down hard when focused
melee hero
If not played correctly, late game group pushes with an oracle/ward make you worthless
If not played correctly, early game wards make your life a living hell.
If not played correctly, weakest early game hero
Hate Spike hits random nearby targets, making it harder to kill heroes near other targets.

As you can see Eve truly does have some serious weaknesses. But have faith, as in this guide i will show you how to turn Eve's biggest weaknesses into your teams greatest advantages turning eve into your teams unstoppable force.

-----[Hero Stats]


Stat..................|Level 1|...........|Per Level|

Magic Resist......|30|...................|1.25|
Crit Chance.......|3.43|.................|0.55|
Health Regen....|1.39|.................|0.11|
Mana Regen......|0.78|................|0.05|

Movespeed: 315
Range: 125


*Hate Spike* [Q]
Instantly spikes the closest enemy unit with malevolent energy dealing magic damage (+ability power) to the target and 50% damage to a secondary nearby target.

Rank..........|Damage(x)|........|Cooldown|.......|Mana Cost|


Analysis: What most people often overlook is that this ability alone allows Eve to be the
highest sustained dps champion in the game! This is your bread and butter skill. This will allow you to last hit minions early in the game better than any other champion, farm minions at extreme speeds later in the game as well as finish off your targets.

Tip: Can be used to find Teemo's mushrooms : )

*Shadow Walk* [W]
Evelynn fades away, becoming stealthed. Evelynn's next attack or damage ability will stun that unit, ending her shadowwalk.

Rank..........|Stun|.......|Cooldown|.......|Mana Cost|.....[Stealth length]


Analysis: Sexy Stealth, whats there not to like?

Tip: Just like using ghost, you can walk though minions and champions.
Also, Shadow walk + Recall or teleport = Stealh Recall!

Deals damage to target unit. If Ravage is used from behind, it will reduce target's armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds.

Rank.........|Damange|.....|Cooldown|......|Mana Cost|......[-MR, Armor]


Analysis: This is your nuke. Amazing skill, try to have enough patients to make sure you position yourself behind your opponent. Biggest mistake most people have with Evelynn. Positioning could very well mean the difference between you or your opponent being dead. One lvl 5 Ravage from behind has the same armor penetration effects as a full set of red armor pen. ruins and 3 points in sunder. Pretty amazing if you ask me. Even more amazing is the Magic resistance!

*Malice And Spite* [R]
Evelynn takes pleasure when enemies are slain. Each time an enemy champion dies, any time within 3 minutes you may activate her ultimate in which Evelynn gains attack speed and movement speed for 20 seconds. If any champion dies after Evelynn has damaged them she is also healed for a portion of health.

Tip: Can be used while in stealth!

Rank........|Movespeed|........|Atackspeed|........|Mana Cost|...|Health Returned|


Analysis: Not only is this ultimate amazing for getting the drop on your opponent, or chasing down a weak hero, but it can also be used in a clinch to run away! It's just like having a free ghost summoner spell! Not only that, but if you kill your opponent you also gain a ton of health! Great for tower diving on a weak hero, or even going from 1 gank strait to the next.

Silent Killer[Passive]

Attacks from Minions deal 50% damage to Evelynn.


-----[Summoner Spells]

Ok. I am going to point out a couple different Summoner Spells and try and explain why both are essential and why you shouldn't need the others.

First off (Smite):
Ok i know what you are thinking "LOL NOOB WTF Smite Sux!!! Evelynn doesn't have problems farming!" That just makes me smile when i hear that

Reasons, please pay attention : )

#1. The only true time Evelynn as at a disadvantage to other champions in the game is at the very beginning. Doing poorly at this crucial point in the game can pretty much make or break you. She is melee, and weak. To eliminate any chances of this happening we pick Smite. Smite lets you pick off those enemy minions when your health is a little bit low so you don't get chased off champions.

#2. Nothing makes me more happy in my pants when i see a warwick/fiddle with smite on the enemy team during the loading screen. I go stealth first, head strait to the lizard/golem, wait for poor warwick to work that bad boy down to low health. Pop off smite, steal the buff, smash W, /t followed /all Thanks!, go to my lane and spam Q.

#3. Your job is to gank people, not be ganked while trying to gain the lizard or golem buff. Smite cuts your creeping time down by 1/2 which allows you to spend more time ganking or helping your team push a lane. These buffs give you a huge advantage and when the opportunity is there, go for it.

#4. Smite allows you to farm faster early game which in turn allows you to get the early items you need fast enough to kill people before they get theirs! Smite + hate spike last hitting allows you to farm at an amazing speeds early game.

#5 Slows down enemy minions pushes early and mid game.

#6 CAN BE USED TO CLEAR OUT A MINION WHILE IN STEALTH! The last thing you want is a minions soaking up all the damage of your hate spike that should be used to kill your target champion!

Secondly, (Ignite):

Yes the extra damage is very nice, even better when you get the bonus 10 AP while it's on cooldown! Great synergy which will be explained in the sections later on. I can't tell you how many times i was able to pull off first blood because of this skill, even vs extremely skilled teams.

Now we explain the other skills, and why they aren't used.

Exhaust: VERY VERY Tempting skill as a replacement. With a mastery point in Cripple this + Ravage has the ability to drop enemy hero's magic resistance into the negatives (as debuffs are applied before rune effects and other effects such as archaic knowledge which in turn CANNOT bring a hero's resistance below 0)

Ghost: You have your ultimate to chase down and run away with. This is overkill

Heal: If you play right, you should need this at all.

Teleport: Nice, but not worth it. See gameplay section for tips on how not to waste to much of your time.

Revive: Yeah.... you shouldn't be dieing... like ever.

Cleanse: You shouldn't be in a position in which you need this most the time wtih proper play and planning. Not only that but if you are being focused you are dead anyways.

Clarity: Worthless, for Evelynn that is.

Rally: Very nice! A tank or a support hero on your team better have this for sure.
Not you though.

Fortify: Same as really, tank or support. Usually should run 2 of these with your team.

Promote: Nice, but any team with skill and coordination can stop this and it's not worth getting this over Fortify.

Clairvoyance: Also very nice, good for have 1 person run this for your team. But as for you, all your experience in your games should give you the common knowledge where most missing heros are probably at and combined with the map awareness you have developed over time this just isn't needed. You are a walking Clairvoyance, aim yourself where you think enemy champions may be. See gameplay section.


Alright, currently, I find two rune sets most effective.

Near Full Force: This is the rune page I use every time, All Force runes (AP per lvl) for everything accept red Marks. Reasoning for this is AP helps out with last hitting, is a bulk of your damage, and the synergy with your early lichbane is amazing.

Tip: I have spent countless hours running, testing, and theory crafting Force vs Insight runes. I have found that Insight runes work slightly better at lower to mid levels when people don't stock up on magic resistance gear. Over all, after hundreds of games of testing i have found that the AP combined with my build style is infinitely better for EVE! This rune combination is hands down the best with her. I have crunched the numbers and tried countless item builds, rune setups and mastery setups.

"Debuff" effects are calculated first, such as exhaust, abyssal scepter, Ravage, Soraka debuff, mumu passive etc. These values CAN take a champion below 0 Magic resist, increasing their damage taken even more. Next effects are calculated such as masteries and runes. These values can not bring the enemy magic resist below 0. Because of this, naturally flat penetration is better at lower values, but the percentage scaling of Archaic Knowledge and the extra AP overtake it. Not only that, but combine the extra AP with your early litchbane and the choice becomes clear.

Lastly for Marks: Use full Armor Penetration runes. Crit Chance and Damage are better left for heroes that stack those stats as part of their item build. Armor Penetration is far more effective.


Again, this was another point of contention but i have come to the conclusion that a 21/9/0 build to be by far the best. HAHA! i can already tell some of you are cringing at this and yet again... i will explain.

My old setup was 10/0/19. Archaic knowledge with burning embers up the offense tree and utility all the way to 3 in intelligence and 2 in utility mastery. I did very well with this setup! I used to get the golem and lizard buff and smash people all day with it! So why does it fail? Well... glad you asked!

#1 Utility mastery is tempting but i found that after many many games i was more involved with keeping my lizard and golem buffs active, that i was missing countless opportunities to gank heroes and do my job!

#2 Evelynn with her natural high move speed and her ultimate doesn't need the 3% move boost found in the utility tree that 99% of all other heros can use.

#3 Presence of the master, the extra mana regen, cooldown reduction, and mana are not needed as they are taken care of though the item setup i will explain later on.

(21) Offense

(1) Plentiful Bounty
(3) Archmage's Savvy
(4) Sorcery
(1) Archaic Knowledge
(1) Burning Embers
(3) Sunder
(3) Brute Force
(3) Lethality
(1) Deadliness
(1) Havoc

(9) Defense

(3) Resistance
(3) Hardiness
(3) Strength of Spirit

Reason: The offense tree is self explanitory. As for the Defense tree, the extra armor and magic resistance will help you early game when you need it the most as your item setup leaves little to be desired for survivability. Remember, i am giving you the recommended stup assuming you are playing vs experts. Evelynn enters the game at lvl 1 with a bullseye on her ass, later on she removes it and puts it on their ass.


My skill build is something that I have tweaked, twisted, taken apart, and put back together again countless times. However, this is the build that I have come to love. The build focuses Hate Spike because it is an extremely underrated skill. It's very low mana cost, extremely spammable, and does sizeable amounts damage in battle.

1) Hate Spike
2) Shadow Walk
3) Hate Spike
4) Ravage
5) Hate Spike
6) Malice and Spite
7) Hate Spike
8) Ravage
9) Hate Spike
10) Ravage
11) Malice and Spite
12) Ravage
13) Ravage
14) Shadow Walk
15) Shadow Walk
16) Malice and Spite
17) Shadow Walk
18) Shadow Walk

Reasoning: This build will be much explained in the gameplay section. Bascially 1 point in shadow walk is all that's needed because it is situational, and when you need to use it you should be attacking within that timeframe anyways or you are just wasting time. Ravage is the secondary skill, as it is nice to nuke/debuff a hero but you need to be able to finish them off!


-----[General Setup]

This build is my favorite by far. With proper gameplay these items are not to difficult to obtain. The synergy of these items on Eve are perfect. Depending on how the game plays out some of the later item orders should be adjusted.

Starting item: Regrowth Pendant

(see gameplay section for more explanation on all these items and why they work)

1 Philosopher's stone (from Regrowth Pentant)
2 Sorcerer's Shoes
3 Mejai's Soulstealer
4 Sheen
4 Lich Bane (from Sheen)
5 Fiendish Codex or Stinger (whichever you can pick up first but Codex would be best)
5 **sell Philosopher's stone** Nashor's Tooth (from Fiendish codex)
6 Rylai's Sceptre
7 Zhonya's Ring

BONUS: if you have the opportunity at any point mid to late game to buy an Elixir of Brilliance... DO SO! This item will pay for itself over and over again as you utilize your huge advantage over them and dominate.

Ok. Now items 1-4 must be obtained in that order, no matter what. As for items 5-7, depending on how your game is going, they should be obtained in that order as well. If you find that heros are nuking you really hard, well than i can see going Rylai's sceptre before Nashor's and Zhonya's for the health and excapability it offers.

Soul Stealer: Not only is this item the cheapest 140 AP available which works amazing with Lich Bane, it's the added effect that truely works wonders with Evelynn. This item plus her ultimate upon a hero death returns health, soul stealer upon the same effect returns mana. This item plus her ultimate allows you to stay in the field longer after ganking minimizing your fountain trips thus drastically reducing your downtime. This item was made for Evelynn, all day ganks baby!

Why Nashor's tooth you ask? the mana regen is ok, not really needed too much at this point in the game but a nice replacement for your philosopher's stone. The atack speed upgrade and the 55 ap are very nice but still not the main reason! It's the -25% cooldown reduction! Yes that's right! That plus the 3% from mastery points gives you 28% cooldown reduction which literally doubles your damage output though hate spike. Hate spike starts out with a 1s cooldown. With this item, plus mastery you can get it down to about the .6s range. Most people who don't know any better wonder why all the effort to make a 1s spell into a .6s spell. LOL!! I actually have gotten this question so many times and the answer is right infront of your face! Nearly TWICE the damage output!! Nashor's tooth is a permanent golem buff. If you happen to also snag that while in the game you can max out at 40% cooldown reduction (which also helps you get off another ravage in battle or acces steath faster) putting your hatespike down to .48s.
Double damage baby, you will smash people so hard and so fast.

Rylai's Sceptre. Hate spike targets 2 people so not only do you slow your main target, but in group battles you can prevent 2 heros from running away at the same time allowing for your team to catch up and destroy those excaping heros! On top of that, for some reason should you need to run yourself you can spam hatespike and prevent any hero from catching you! Also toss a nice HP chunk onto that cake and lets call it a day.

Zhonya's Ring. If the game for some reason goes this long. This item will make you a walking god. I don't want to think about this too much because i am tempted to stop writing this guide right now and go fire up a game myself!

Bascially in a nutshell all these items, plus your rune setup, plus the passive on your ignite, power up your Lich Bane to insane levels of ownage. You will hit like a truck from out of nowhere, and nobody can excape from you. You will become a nightmare to your enemies. Nothing like running along in the lane at full health 1 moment and 2 seconds later you are at 30% health, stunned, and you can't run away. I have literally picked off a hero in 5 man ganksquads before they could even turn around to stop me many times over.

-----[What not to do]

Alright, so if you haven't already noticed, there are a few items that people assume are practically made for Evelynn, don't be fooled:

Doran's Ring: Although a very nice starting item, it becomes obsolete soon as you pickup your philosophers stone. Philosophers stone in itself is all the health and mana regen you will need till your Nasher's. Picking up this item is a very short lived advantage that only slows down your much needed progess for your rushed soul stealer.

Abyssal Scepter: I used to run this item with my insight build. The magic resist is nice and so is the AP boost and the cost isnt so bad either. Problem is that it slows down your lichbane and defeats the whole point of your build. The debuff is great! but there are much better items to aim towards. Sadly this item is a pass.

Guinsoo's Rageblade: Tempting, but you aren't going to be able to utilize this item as well as other dps heros.

Kage's Lucky Pick: Good joke. Play pub games much are we?

Trinity Force: No.

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EARLY GAME (Levels 1-7)

Ok Kiddies this is what it all comes down to. Your early game will either make or break you depending on how intelligently you play. Pay close attention to this section and i will tell you how to own, what to look for, timing for getting buffs, when to get your items and why.

First thing when the game starts lets take our 475 gold and buy Regrowth Pendant. This item has all the health regen you will need to say in your lane and more importantly your very first step into your early game advantage. Now ask for one of your team mates to join you at the bottom lane. Evelynn should under no circumstances ever solo a lane at the start of the game. Also, be sure that the team mate joining you is either a support class or a tank class because you are going to be last hitting a lot, and you don't want to be taking gold from a carry class/dps class who usually needs to farm lots of gold for their items.

Should you spawn on bottom you will be going the bottom lane and head strait for the jungle creep area where the 2 golems or 3 wolves spawn. Should you spawn top you will go to the same corresponding area. Cast smite on the first golem and ignite on the second one. Again i am assuming you are playing vs experts so i highly dowt that you will need ignite to get a kill this early in the game so use it for the early game AP boost and the quickness of taking down that golem or wolves.

If you are lucky and got the golems to spawn for you, before the first minion wave hits the 2nd tower you will be lvl 2 with 1/4 your health left. That's ok! Put your second point in stealth, pop it, and check the brush for early game noob gank. Corse they aren't there because they where probably off helping a team mate get lizard buff for their ashe. Moving on....

Continue with your last hitting being sure not to stay in the front lines too long. Often i "faint" back and forth constantly while in lane so that my opponents cant judge my actions. My hero NEVER stands idle.... EVER! At no point this game should you be standing around doing nothing... EVER! You should either be creeping, jungling, ganking, or buying at all times. These 2 things are the biggest differences from your average player and expert.

At 640g blue pill back and pick up that philosopher's stone. On you way back be sure to pay the 2 golems a visit for some exp and gold to further cut down your "downtime". The stone gives you all the needed health and mana regen you will need up till about lvl 14 or earlier and the extra gold per 5 is just a bonus and NOT the main reason you bought the stone. Although this allows you to sell it after your lichbane to basically earn all your money back and help you access that 2nd Godly item faster than other people.

Continue on, being sure to use smite at every given chance you can unless you see a 1/2 health cannon minion be sure to smite that instead for the extra gold. Very important at this point to back off a bit to maintain full health and about 3/4 mana because at about lvl 5/6 you should have close to 800g. Pop stealth in lane so that your enemy heroes can see you do this, this will make them think you are sticking around waiting to get the drop on them, INSTEAD! Head to your enemies golem! Pull the golem into the brush so that your hero is covered by the grass. Pop off smite and ignite and burn him dead, blue pill home pick up your boots.

you should be lvl 6 but most likely lvl 7 run to the lane with the weakest enemy hero, pop stealth, get behind his ass ravage him like in prison and earn first blood or atleast a kill. If you aren't so lucky to get this kill, don't beat yourself up over it there will be many more chances for this later on in the midgame! On to the next!

MID GAME (Levels 8-14)

**Major Tip** From this point on i ALWAYS assume that the enemy can see me. Always. Often before i go in for a gank i "faint" the hero even while in stealth to see if they react. This trick has saved my poor evelynn's life many times over. If when you "faint" and you notice the enemy hero doesn't react, go for the kill. This is where experience and patients come into play. : )

Alright, so you made it past the hardest part in the game for you. Wonderful! If you got that first blood or a kill you should be well ahead of every other hero in the field.

This is the part of the game in which Evelynn dominates. Basically you will be floating around the map ganking everything in sight. Be sure to often check golem and lizard to smite steal and destroy. At no given point should you be idle running back and forth with no destination. This is why i would consider evelynn a true expert hero. If you don't have a place to go, hero to gank, or a tower to defend you should be killing jungle creeps for the exp and gold and scanning the map for heros or missing heroes. When i jungle my eyes are actually on the mini map at all times or scanning heroes.

use your intuition to figure out where missing heroes are probably located. This is why it helps to play every other hero at some point in your gaming career because then you know exactly when most heroes are vulnerable and when they are strong. And how and where they might try and jungle.

Side note: if your team is good you will have a twisted fate playing with you guys, coordinate with him for massive ganks etc. Some of the most amazing games i have ever played involved a skilled Fate, Morgana, or an amazing blizcrank.

Pick up your Soul stealer as soon as possible and charge that badboy to max. Soon after that follow it up with Sheen and turn it into Lich bane.

LATE GAME (Levels 15-18)

If this game goes this long, wow, too bad for them. Pick up your last 3 items in order, smash faces, rinse repeat.

Also as a side note, you should be very rich at this point and it is YOUR Job to buy wards and place them at Nasher, lizard, and golem. Not really much more to talk about gameplay here as this can only be earned through experience but learn to coordinate with your team for pushes, ganks, and sneaky dragon runs.

This is the point in my guide in which i would like to address some of evelynns huge flaws which often detour anyone from taking her seriously for expert games or league matches. The most important one we will address for now is how everyone assumes that wards and oracle potions render her useless when obtained. HAHAHAHA

The breakdown:
#1 early to mid game if you notice the enemy drops a ward, switch lane. You just made your opponents spend much needed early game gold for a 140g ward that only lasts 3 minutes and now because you switched lane becomes near useless. If in your new lane they again do the same thing, type /l and switch to another lane. You can do this all day long, sure lets make them burn through their gold because of you.

#2 Often mid to late game an enemy hero or 2 will stock up on wards and push as a group waiting for you to show up. Don't be a fool, wait for them to drop the ward and coordinate your group to fall back or head to a tower away from it's field of vision. If they start to push a tower and they drop another ward there, who gives a shit, use the tower to your advantage and stun them in range of it.

#3 Oracle potions. 450g a pop. I don't care what point in the game you buy this item it's expensive! Often people justify it wroth the expense if they kill you. And that justification is true HAHAHAHA!! BUT!! Guess what! Unless they plan on buying another they just forced their entire team to stay close to 1 hero and push as a 5 man. GOOD! Split your team up into a 2 and 3 man and double push 2 different lanes while they roam around with their linch mob. While they are so worried about you they have 2 options
1 stop their push and counter 1 of your groups
2 continue their push and hope they get further than you.

Your little Evelynn just forced the enemy team into 1 game plan. Use this knowledge to your advantage and exploit their weakness as they thought they where exploiting in you. Have 3 heroes port back and defend while the 2 others finish off their towers. If they are dumb enough to split off their group, let evelynn take them apart.

Rinse, Repeat, GG.

Mini Enemy Hero Guide

In this section i will give a very brief breakdown of each hero. Tips on what to look for and how to approach and deal with them.

Alistar: He can't hurt you and you can't hurt him. Better to avoid him if there aren't other champions to mess with in the area. Watch out for his knock back as a skilled Alistar loves to flash n crash you into a tower.

Amumu: Typical tank. Harder to take down so try and avoid the bandage. Other than that ignore his tantrum and smash him.

Anivia: A skilled Anivia will bait heroes into attacking him and utilize slow, stun, and revive. Other than that, another kill for your score.

Annie: Hits hard, unpredictable stun. But mostly an easy kill

Ashe: When chasing down a fleeing ashe try and run in a zig zag pattern as a skilled Ashe will use her ultimate to aid in her escape. Or turn around and smash your head in.
Try and catch her off guard when her ultimate is down for an easy kill

Blizcrank: This bastard loves to hookshot you in the ass with his fist and drag you in for a gang bang party with his friends. At all times when you lane vs Blizcrank keep moving in a horizontal fashion keeping your movements as unpredictable as possible. Nothing is worse to a blizcrank than 100 missed hookshots. Step up your mind games baby!

Cho'Gath: Make sure his ultimate is not off cooldown as it can really catch you off guard if you are low on health. Other than that try and avoid the spike from a fleeing Cho as some of the most amazing jukes i have ever seen came from well placed rupture.

Corki: Use Caution as corky is an amazing hero. On top of that Phosphorus bomb reveals stealthed units. Be aware of your map to avoid getting lured into a trap.

Dr.Mundo: Use the same strategy as used for Blizcrank. A Mundo loves to use Infected Cleaver all day long. Other than that, useless hero.

Evelynn: Worthless, weak, noob pub hero. Not even worth an explanation. Buy wards and type GG right? Exactly.

Fiddlesticks: Be aware of him at lvl 6 as every fiddle loves his flash + Crowstorm. Also watch out for Dark wind in team fights. This can be a problem. Although, he drops faster than panties at a twilight sleepover party.

Gangplank: A good buttpirate loves to use his ultimate to flee and steal kills. Ravage his booty.

Heimerdinger: A typical Heimerdinger noob loves to hide behind his towers. Ignore them, run in and cap his ass and use a turret for his headstone.

Janna: Fast so don't bother chasing if she gets away. Watch out for well placed Howling gale.

Jax: HAHAHA!! Don't even bother hitting him just spam hate spikes and type /laugh

Karthus: Whatever, next

Kassadin: Ohhh.... this bastard. A well played Kassadin is amazing. Watch out for a mana stacking Kassadin who loves to use riftwalk.

Katarina: A well played Katarina is almost impossible to deal with by yourself. Be very aware of Shunpo, exhost, Death Lotus combos. On the other hand she is quite squishy. Try and catch her off guard with a few tricks of your own.

Kayle: Intervention is all you need to worry about. Keep that small thing in mind at all times.

Malphite: Another top tier hero. Most every game you play in with experts will have one of these. Just try and avoid his stun and you should be ok. Try and shut him down early.

Master Yi: Probably one of the best physical dps, but not as good as you. Just understand that if you are going to go head to head with this guy don't count on running as Highlander will be your end.

Morgana: I HATE a well played Morgana on the other team. HATE HATE!! Even a single point in Black Shield will piss you off all game long. Not only that but Her root is the best in the game. And if all that wasn't good enough her ultimate slows, damages, and stuns all around her. Good luck trying to catch a Morgana with her cooldowns up. If the ultimate is down, run in zig zag patterns to avoid the root.

Naxus: AOE, whatever

NuNu: Very situational hero with a slow. Tank.

Rammus: Amazing tank, Powerball can still slam into you while stealthed so try and be cognizant of that.

Ryze: When his ultimate is off cooldown this guy is a joke. Ask your team to inform you when he blows his wad so you can take out the trash.

Shaco: Good hero, some ok disables. Try and avoid the Jack-n-the-box. Keep in mind that if you aren't able to finish off the gank because he goes into steatlh re-stealth yourself and head to the next area you would go if you where Shaco. His stealth duration is short so check the grass etc. to finish him off.

Singed: Just don't let him catch you with toss and keep in mind that if he starts to run away he is fast as hell so don't let him lead you into your death.

Sion: Typical tank

Sivir: /laugh

Soraka: same as above

Taric: Kind of tanky and heals a lot. Try not to spend to much time killing him.

Teemo: OK.... if you see this guy in your lane ask to switch. Teemo will shut you down early game. After that just avoid areas where everyone typically puts mushrooms and kill his punk ass.

Tristana: Avoid her buster shot. Nothing sucks more that not being able to seal the deal on her because your ass got sloppy and knocked away.

Tryndamere: Well played tryndamere's are hard to kill. Watch out for spinning slashes though trees and undying rage. Just act like you are running away when he uses it, re-stealth, come back and finish him off in 1 hit.

Twisted Fate: Very squishy hero and easy to kill. Although well played Fate's are game changing. Be highly aware of Destiny, Gate combos. Those always seem to come at the wrong times if you don't keep that in mind at all times.

Twitch: Never run from a twitch. High attack speed, poison, slow, nuke. Instead, run towards him and punish him for trying to be like you.

Veigar: A well farmed Veigar combined with a skill player is a force to be reckoned with. A skill Veigar will use Event Horizon to run, turn around and punish you for being stupid. Show respect when you come up on a well played Veigar.

Warwick: God i love picking on warwicks. Go jungle for me more please while i sit back and smite steal all your buffs from you. Never 1v1 Warwick pre-level 9. A well played warwick will kick your ass, every time. After that when you pickup your soul stealer he will be free kills all game long.

Zilean: Tuff to lane against because of time bomb's. Request a lane change if you have problems. Other than that, destroy this fool. If he uses his ultimate on himself just kick back till he comes back to life and kill him again. Be current with your map awareness as often a reviving Zilean has time for friends to show up.


• Try and have an Elixir of Brilliance on post-level 13ish. Also try and get golem buff as well as lizard whenever able. But don't focus on it to much!
• Stay in cover around the tanks on your team. They can distract enemies while you tare them apart.
• Learning to play Evelynn right is all about trial and error. Don't think because you read this guide that you know it all so try your best to learn your timing and work on your map awareness.
• Your team will be largely build around your hero so be sure to support your team mates as much as possible and remember that yes you are amazing, but you are not a 1 woman army.
• Mind games are very very important to Evelynn. Often times i will pop stealth infront of the enemy to make them back off when i actually ran into the grass to blue pill home hahahaha!!
• Related to mind games, it's not all about how many kills you can ring up, but how much the enemy team is afraid of you. Sometimes i like to stun/ravage someone i know i can't kill just to get them to run away.
• Use Shadow walk to scout for your team, wait for them to come help when you know for sure you can't get the kill by yourself.
• Have Fun!


I wrote most this guide off the top of my had so i am sure that there will be many updates as i double check to make sure any and all information given here is current and accurate. Plus any extra last minute tips i think of later on.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read my massive guide. Evelynn truely is one of the most fun if not the most fun hero to play in this game to date. She requires a lot of practice but with time and experience she turns into a force to be reckoned with. I really didn't expect this guide to grow into this massive leviathan of text but it sure was fun to write! Anyone who has any ideas or questions feel free to post them here and i will try and keep my answers up to date! Good luck in your games, and have fun!

**Lastly, audio Version of this guide coming soon!!!**
Post your questions and comments here and i can answer them in the audio!


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Saved for Future updates : )

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I'm sorry, but experts don't play evelynn.

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I'm sorry, but experts don't play evelynn.

So you read the whole article after i just posted it 2 min ago?

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So you read the whole article after i just posted it 2 min ago?

Didn't need to read it. Evelynn is a terrible champion who gets completely shut down if the team is even remotely intelligent and buys en elixir. She's fun to play against random newbies, sure..but in an expert setting, she's worthless.

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Didn't need to read it. Evelynn is a terrible champion who gets completely shut down if the team is even remotely intelligent and buys en elixir. She's fun to play against random newbies, sure..but in an expert setting, she's worthless.

My point exactly my friend, try reading the guide then make an educated post if you care to do so. I was really hoping my first comment on a guilde that took me many hours to do and months of games to research would have been from someone who actually read the article, instead of randomly joining a thread to hate on it.

Although, at times i do forget that this is the internet.

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My point exactly my friend, try reading the guide then make an educated post if you care to do so. I was really hoping my first comment on a guilde that took me many hours to do and months of games to reasurch would have been from someone who actually read the article, instead of randomly joining a thread to hate on it.

I'll give it a read.
I don't want you to think I'm 'hating' on your guide, just don't call it an expert guide when no 'expert' would use Evelynn in the first place.

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I'll give it a read.
I don't want you to think I'm 'hating' on your guide, just don't call it an expert guide when no 'expert' would use Evelynn in the first place.

Thanks for taking the time to give it a read : )

Although... i know of some top gamers who use Evelynn in real matches. I personally use her from time to time as well : P

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lots of experts play evelynn. but many seem to like kage picks.