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Anyone else find it really disheartening when you have a terrible game where the entire enemy team is insanely better than your entire team and your just waiting to hit 20 minutes so you can surrender only to mouse over the summoners in the lobby at the end and find out that everyone on the enemy team has over 1000 wins while everyone on your team has somewhere around 100?

It seems obviously unfair to me that I should be pit against an entire team of people who have played this game literally a thousand more times than i have. And if those people have lost as much as they have won....2 thousand more times than I have!
Does matchmaking not take into account whatsoever the number of games you have played? Sure doesn't seem to in my little experience which is what I'm getting at here...experience, not just win/loss ratio, is going to determine how good you are, the tricks you know, how fast you respond, whether or not you know each and every move each champion on the enemy team has how to counter it and when etc.

Someone who has played thousands of more games than me no matter if they won half and loss half is going to outplay me. A team stacked of these more experienced players against a much less experienced team is going to roflstomp them so hard NOONE is going to have fun playing that game.

So please, consider this is the matchmaking system because games like these aren't fun and aren't fair.