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@Morello (Official!)

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Morello, please read this sion rework idea. It isn't mine, but it has work you really need to see.

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@Morellow Sion rework update by chance? Even something more than "he'll be a bruiser with a form of hard CC" would get me through the days >_<

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I love you. Do you love me back?

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Morello, is the direction the support role is taking what you want?

I'm really unhappy with the current state of supports. I main Janna, and lately I've actually been told to "pick a real support."

I'm not an aggressive player. My playstyle is attentive and reactive. I don't care about dying if it means my team benefits more than the enemies. I love controlling vision. I don't care about gold, and I get enough glory from saving people. I'm a traditional support, and I'm ok with it. I truly enjoyed it.

Lately I've been feeling that this role is becoming less and less "viable"- particularly in solo queue. Since no other lane incorporates this playstyle, I feel that I have nowhere else to go.

Is this how support is going to be from now on? Is there any chance Janna will be restored to her former glory? (I understand why her passive was changed, for what it's worth.)

I don't want to go casual (it actually breaks my heart haha), but I don't know what to do. I found a champion and role that clicked, and now I feel like I have nothing to show for mastering a champion which I had assumed would always be viable.

Anyway, thanks in advance. I've loved this game for a long time, and it would mean a lot to me to get your take on this.