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Ability Remake: Twitch, the Plague Rat

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First of all i would like to thank RIOT for this big time twitch rework. Twitch use to be my favorite character in LoL, and i tried playing him after the "buff" but without any real luck. He use to be great the way he was didn't needed the "re-make". Now seriously.. he can't do anything in game now.. he's useless, pls refund my ip to buy ezreal and my rp to buy a skin for another hero since i won't be using Twitch anymore -_- TYVM. Hope i find another char i can decently play or i'm quitting LoL.
Another thing.. twitch players weren't so many to begin with.. now they'll be even less. Not to mention he wasn't OP to begin with.. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU NERF HIM !!??

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me too i want my ip back riot you suck

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Asians First



july 19th 2012

the day twitch died

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I'm new to LoL (just started playing ~3 weeks ago.) I bought both bundles, one of which included him. I gave him a try and I rather like him a lot. Early game, expunge is a great finisher, most players you 1v1 with think they're going to win the health war, only to suddenly get exploded, and when they run behind their turret, they still get exploded. Late game, his normal damage just rips through anything, though expunge tends to be a bit worthless.

My only complaint though is that he is a tad too squishy. When you need to get in to do some damage, you fall quickly. When I pop spray and pray, I can take anything down in seconds 1v1. Trouble is, in groups you just get hammered, and can maybe last a second or two at best. Sure you can grab maybe an armor piece, but it doesn't really help.

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Please bring back the old Twitch. I used to play him a lot and win and now with the new changes he is an easy target whether it be in summoners rift or dominion. Twitch was never OP and now he is weaker than before. His ability to slow instead of throw a cask made it easy to get ready and jump into a battle. His invis was cool for scouting and mounting a good offense as well as defense. Now I have to switch characters in least until you change them. Please bring back the old Twitch.