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Heimerdinger Remake!

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Ean Hort

Senior Member


I don´t know how you feel about heimerdinger at the moment, but in my opinion he is way underpowered compared with other ap carries. His Health reg Innate is quite good for supporting, but his range, damage and surviveability is way to low for him to play a key figure in any fight. He´s one of the champions, who needs a big amount of farm to be of any use in summoners rift. He´s mostly outranged by carries and his so important turrets are one hit for like any champ in late game, making them totally useless. His E-Grenade is only useful as followup stun or in melee range, since it´s so slow. His Turrets (as i said before) die to fast and his R has only a REAL good effect on his Turrets and its CD is to long.

Heimerdinger is based on a real good idea. Harrasing enemies with his long ranged W-Rockets and punish foolish enemies who try to get too near to heimerdinger. But this last aspect is way to weak. My Idea (Pls do not hate me for my own opinion):

(Innate) UPGRADE!!!: Spells used grant Heimerdingers next spell an Extra Bonus.
Q (Turrets)-Bonus: Increased Spell dmg.
W (Micro-Rockets)- Bonus : Increased projectile Speed or attack speed.
E (Grenade)-Bonus: Increased Spell/Attack Range.

Q-Turret (Active): Heimerdinger constructs a Turret with 260+(15xlvl) Health. Heimerdinger stores enough parts for a new turret every 25 seconds (affected by cooldown reduction). Turrets receive 50% less dmg for the first 5 seconds after placement. Turrets disappear automatically when Heimerdinger dies. Cost: 70 / 80 / 90 / 100 / 110 mana

Magic Damage: 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 10 (+0.2 per ability power)

Rank 1: Yellow turret.
Rank 2: Green turret: reduces armor & magic resist by 2/3/4/5% for two seconds every hit (max. 4).
Rank 3: Green turrets: max turrets increased to 2.
Rank 4: Red turrets: gain an additional 35% Splash Dmg.
Rank 5: White Turrets: increase attack speed by 20%.
Cooldown: 1 second

Range: 400
Turret range: 525
Turret attack speed: 1.25
Sight Radius: 625

W- Rockets: Only change here would be that it prioritizes champions.

E-: Instead of the blind a full stun effect and a increased missile speed.

New R - Mastermind: (Passive) Cd reduction. (Active) The bonuses of his innate are not lost after using a spell, but have a buff- duration of 2/3/4 Seconds for the next X sec.

Thanks for reading.

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I really don't think that he is in any way under powered. If u watch him in a ranked game he usually is some what fed, he really is a skill champ.

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Let's remove the only passive that heals turrets!

PS, this should be on the champion feedback forum.

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Just to let you know, Heimer is one of the only 2 champions in the League that has a blind, and a blind is FULLY essential to his survival, taking out his blind will make him even more vulnerable. Also his ult is a useful heal, and his passive is very useful to camp lane tower since it does regen.

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Junior Member


I know for me, Heimer is my favorite ap mid carry. And he has been for a long time. To play him effectively, you must have knowledge of how to use him. Personaly, I feel that he dose need a buff. Mabey a 3rd turret to increase his damage output is needed. He also needs a new passive. His current one is decent saying the least. A better passive for him would be something of a Kha Zix evolve mechanic. Not many people play him and that's one of the reasons I love him, but for him to be a more effective ap carry, Riot needs to do some buffing or mabey a visual change for him to be great.