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BO5 Showmatch - Curse.NA vs. 4NOT.PLAG (female division)

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The RaidCall to Arms Showmatch Series is a multi-week King of the Hill style event featuring top teams from the NA server of League of Legends. Each round is a best of 5 series with the prize pool of $200 USD going to the winner. The winner for the week advances to the next round for a chance to win another best of 5 series against a new opponent to fatten their purse until they are eliminated.

Week 2: Curse.NA vs. 4NOT.PLAG (girls only divison)

When: Thursday, July 11th @ 8:30 PM EST

Team size: 5v5
Map: Summoner's Rift
Mode: Tournament Draft Mode

Prize Pool:
$200 Winner takes all.
*Prize money will be transferred via Paypal to the Team Captain's account within 30 days.**

Stream and Casting:
The event will be broadcast on the It's Gosu Own3d.tv League of Legends channel. Casting will be done by Zyori (http://www.zyori.tv) & Seth. http://www.own3d.tv/itsgosu/ (http://www.own3d.tv/itsgosu/)

FREE Riot Points!
At a random point during the cast we will be selecting one winner who will recieve $10 in Riot Points as well as a free t-shirt from 9Bone!

To be considered in the drawing, you have to be in the It's Gosu RaidCall Chatroom - you can download FOR FREE here: here (http://www.raidcall.com/).

Group Name: It's Gosu #4764084

Full Details: http://www.itsgosu.com/game/lol/events/raidcall-to-arms-week-2-curse-na-vs-4not-plag_274

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Looks great! Tried to watch last week before the spectator client when out for ya. Hopefully this week will be better luck.