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A request to solo-queue non-ranked players.

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The Drippy Sink



When you're getting ready to go into a game, please take care of whatever would pull you away from your computer BEFORE you enter the queue.

There's nothing more frustrating than sitting at the champion select screen waiting for that one player to come back and show which champion he/she is going to pick so that other players can make changes to runes/masteries/champ selection.

There are a lot of players that try to base their selections off what would help the team, myself included, and we can't make those selections and decisions if you're dawdling somewhere or waxing your carrot while you wait for the game to start and haven't at least clicked your champion.

Please take care of non-game related business prior to queueing, and please be quick about your champion selections. If you're waiting to see what the other players are going to pick, do what I do and ask.

An example: I try to play Warwick as often as possible, but sometimes three members of our team select champions, I select Warwick, and then the last guy stays blank until the last ten seconds or so, then picks a champion. I look at the team as the last five seconds count down, and guess what? There's no decent 2v1 laner and I didn't have the time to select a champion that would be more beneficial to the team.

Please be more punctual and decisive with your champion selections. It helps a lot with team compositions if everyone is on-time and has a few extra seconds to make adjustments.