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Is 20:00 Surrender A Mistake?

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Whît? Frôst

Junior Member


I personally think that surrendering is a bad idea since I played a game with my friends and our towers were all down we only had the nexus. Then my team worked together to think of an idea, I said why don't we just send the strongest in our team to push and the weakest to defend? My team agreed and our Teemo told me to bait, so I did. Teemo told me to bait so I can lead them to my team and get an ace but there was another reason so he can sneek into their base and camoflage while we were fighting. When we were fighting Teemo destroyed their Nexus and we won a 70 minute game.

I thought it was the best game I ever played and that's why try your best have a go. A victorious match for me and my friends.