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Champion Concept - Vaikus, the Future of Techmaturgy

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Vaikus, the Future of Techmaturgy

Viktor and Jayce have always been on bitter terms with each other, with Jayce’s brawn always overwhelming Viktor’s scientific mind. It was only when Jayce overwhelmed Viktor’s acolytes that he decided to finally make his own creation with his own technology, a unique warrior with the ability to fight Jayce on equal terms.
Viktor worked long and hard on this warrior, putting to use his new prototypes. This robotic warrior was given a mind of its own, calling itself Vaikus, but still only swearing allegiance to Viktor. It swore that it will protect Viktor no matter what, even gladly sacrificing itself.
It was only when Viktor heard news that Jayce had been placed in the League of Legends that he decided to place Vaikus alongside him in presenting the glorious evolution on the Fields of Justice.
“The glorious evolution paves the way to the future.” Vaikus

Vaikus is meant to be a general initiator and disruptor. His main focus is to get into the fight and stop the enemy. His build is generally designed to be a bruiser but it really is up to you how you want to build him. He can be built as an ability champion, bruiser or pure attack damage; it is up to you. He is meant to be a viable jungler and solo top champion.

• A sword that has a hexcore on the base of it but visible (similar to a space marine power sword). Upon reaching level 6, electricity starts to pulse out of the sword.
• A shield that has a hex core in the centre. The shield is similar to a kite shield.
Armor: Similar to Viktor’s armor but more buff, with shoulder pads and a hex core coming out of his chest. He has a cape as well and his helmet is also similar to Viktor’s.

Health: 451 (+88)
Health Regen: 7.6 (+0.7)
Mana: 200 (+30)
Mana Regen: 6.8 (+0.5)
Range: 130
Attack Damage: 58 (+3.4)
Attack Speed: 0.649 (+3.05%)
Armor: 15 (+3.6)
Magic Resistance: 30 (+1.25)
Movement Speed: 327

Evolving Technology
Vaikus starts with a hex core, granting him increased stats when upgraded. Initially, without any augments, Vaikus will gain 2 armor, 2 magic resistance and 20 hit points per level.
General outcome of the ability: I wanted this to be similar to Viktor in such a way that his lore affects his items. As being related to Viktor, I wanted to Vaikus to be the more ‘tanky’ side of Viktor as it is Viktor’s own creation.

Short Circuit (self activate/ AoE slow)

Vaikus releases an instant burst of electricity which deals low damage slows all surrounding enemies.

Area of effect range: 500
Magic Damage: 20/40/60/80/100 (+0.6)
Cooldown: 15/13/12/11/10 seconds
Mana cost: 70/80/90/100/100

Augment: Circuit
Vaikus’ short circuit will silence all enemies in the surrounding area for 0.5 seconds.
Vaikus will gain 40 ability power and 5% increased movement speed if Augment Circuit is selected.

General outcome of the ability: I want this ability to be Vaikus’ main disrupting ability, closing in and slowing the enemy.
With the augment: Vaikus gains an extra disrupt on top of his slow, this also corresponds to the relevance with Viktor and Blitzcrank (silence abilities relating back to Viktor)

Electric Armor (self activate)

Vaikus enters a defensive stance with his shield, granting him lifesteal and spellvamp and giving him a shield, lasting for 3 seconds.

Lifesteal and Spellvamp : 8/10/12/14/15%
Shield value: 50/75/100/125/150 (+13% of maximum health)
Mana cost: 110
Cooldown: 24/20/16/14/10 seconds

Augment: Armor
Grants ability: Electric shock > Enemies around Vaikus will get damaged for 30% of the maximum shield value for the duration of the shield.
Vaikus will gain 300 increased hitpoints, 15 armor and 15 magic resistance if Augment Armor is selected.

General outcome of ability: I wanted this ability to allow Vaikus to survive a bit more, granting him lifesteal and spell vamp for a short duration, allowing him to heal up and letting him jungle.
With augment: I wanted to give Vaikus a more aggressive feel when you upgrade his tanky-ness such that his initiation ability is greatly enhanced.
If this augment is picked, Vaikus is able to build more damaging items in order to make up for the item slot this augment takes up.

Thunderous Dash (skill shot)
Vaikus dashes towards the target location, swinging both his sword and his shield, knocking enemies back – both to left and the right. Enemies to the right are hit by the sword and enemies to the left will be hit by the shield.

Original Physical Damage: 70/120/200/250/325 (set damage)

Enemies on the right will take extra damage from the sword.
Extra Physical Damage (+0.8)(+1.0)

Enemies on the left will be slowed by the shield.
Slow percentage: 10/15/20/25/30%

Enemies in the centre will take extra damage as well as be slowed.
Total Damage: 70/120/200/250/325 (+0.8 physical damage)(+1.0 ability power) physical damage

Dash range: 400
Knockback range: 100
Mana cost: 40/60/80/100/120
Cooldown: 14/12/10/8/6 seconds

Augment: Thunder
Vaikus’ thunderous dash gains increased area damage on each side of the ability.
Increased area attack range on impact: +125
Vaikus will gain 25 attack damage and 10% cooldown reduction if Augment Thunder is selected.

General outcome of the ability: This is Vaikus’ gap closer for initiating, dealing high damage as well as separating the enemy team and slowing certain enemies.
With Augment: This item is used to increase Vaikus’ dash ability and his overall fighting technique. With the increased range, more units are easily damaged and slowed, allowing for team mates to come in and join the fight.

Lightning Strikes (Passive/self activate)

Passive: On the 4th consecutive auto attack, Vaikus will silence the target enemy for 0.5 seconds and deal extra magic damage.
100/150/200 (+0.6) extra magic damage.
Active: Every attack will silence the target enemy for 0.25 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds and will apply the extra damage.
Cooldown: 80/70/60 seconds

General outcome of ability: This ability is the clutch of Vaikus’ silence abilities, able to silence foes every few hits. With the active, he gains a larger burst ability, with a larger damage application.

This is my first Champion concept guys so please go easy on me. I would love some feedback but please don't hate.

THANK YOU, HeroericBoy

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Down vote this comment if you think this champ sucks.

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meh not a fan