How fast can you run?

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I have noticed a few trends in LoL lately in TT and SR, and also a few in real life (bare with me here).

In the last 5 league games I have played (2 being SR 3 being ranked TT) it appears the new meta is not how strong your team is or how well you can team fight, but how well you can run away.

In one SR game we were against Yi, Akali, Ezreal, Jarvan, and Kennen. The entire game we would try to start a team fight, they would engage, anytime one of them got low they would use their low CD escape and we would have to switch targets. They would push a lane and by the time I teleported in they would be off screen and going for a different lane.

I personally saw this start happening once move speed Quints came around, where there is no longer any engaging in team fights, no longer any close trades or real fighting, just hit and run and hit and run.

In relation to TT, moving around has always been a strong key factor. My team at start of season almost hit gold then our 3rd went away for the summer. We played a few games tonight and all 3 went the same way. We play well together, and we have a strong 3v3 team. Team fights was always our strength, but all 3 teams we encountered refused to trade blows. They would see us, dive in, kill 1 or 2, then run away. We dealt with Kayle, Trynd, Yorick, Olaf, Fizz and Lee Sin. To be honest the 2 or 3 times all 3 of us were together we would beat them 3v3, but most of the time they would just try to split push and back door everything.

As far as reality goes, I actually enjoy watching UFC, and have seen these same tactics take place in the ring. Fighter A has big power in his hands, Fighter B will back up and almost run all fight and just throw leg kicks for points.

I miss the days where two teams would meet up and throw down, where people used something other then move speed quints, and where you did not spend half the match trying to chase down other players. I like to play tanky characters like Maokai, Galio, Amumu, Renekton, and Nautilus, but now, since none of them have a built in flash / dash / jump / spin/ or Olaf Yi style get out of jail free card, they almost feel useless. No use initiating when you cant 1 or 2 shot them because they will just run away.

Am I crazy or is anyone else seeing this too? I think there is no denying the insane amount of people who run Move speed quints and a mastery point or 2.

TLDR Nobody fights anymore, everybody runs.

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Yes and no. I've seen say, 2 people push a lane to take a turret, then retreat - which is fair, as usually the entire enemy team (or at least, great numbers) will go to gank. Unless you're well fed, it'd be pretty stupid to stay, so yes, you retreat.

However, this only gets you so far (inhibs). Once there, the enemy doesn't have any ground to cover, so fights are bound to happen.

The games objective is not to get the most kills or gold. It's to destroy the enemy nexus. If you get away with backdooring, more power to you. If you let the enemy team backdoor, more fool you.

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so save your dashes to chase them instead of doing damage?

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Its just a different playstyle, there are:

-Normal comps: Comps that rely on grouping up together to fight the enemy team, or push turrets little by little.

-AoE comps: Comps that rely heavily on their powerful AoEs to win teamfights, they seek teamfights each time their cooldowns are off and try to take objectives if they come out victorious.

-Poke comps: Comps that will group up, push the minions to the enemy turret and starting wearing down the enemy, until they have to give up the turret or decide they have to fight. This comp will RUN if you try to start a fight on them when youre max hp.

-Kite comps: These will group up to fight you, but they will not allow any hard engages, if you run at them they will kite you, if you run away from them they will kite you. Probably the MOST powerful comp there is out there, however it does have it flaws as the team needs really good mapcontrol to avoid getting hard initiated on.

The trend of running is usually by one of those last two comps. If they keep getting away during teamfights, then you either didnt save your CC to avoid them from getting away or were CCd yourself, which is skill. You need champions that can chase, if you just have raw power and the enemy cant really kill you all but can always manage to kill 1 or 2 and then run with a sliver of health on each of them, you probably didnt focus well enough, you didnt CC or your comp is terrible at giving chase, in which case you got... outpicked.

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It really is a little annoying. It's really hard to play certainly champions solely because of this "poke and run away" idea. It's not the best example, but Cassiopeia can't really reach her full potential when you don't really have any teamfights, since her skill spamming is a little harder on running enemies.