Alistar CC is Untrustworthy (Buggy?)

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First of all, his headbutt: we all know you can flash out of the headbutt before it hits you, and although its frustrating as a player it is acceptable. But then there is also the ability to flash away EVEN THOUGH you have been hit by headbutt. This also counts if the champion has a jump, for example Tristana. I remember a very recent game, i went to headbutt to save my ad carry from death, and after hitting her away, she was able to leap IN MID AIR and kill my partner. This is just painfully annoying, and it happened 3 times in the same game.
The pulverize also has to be addressed, because in fact there are those unlucky situations where even though you have been hit by pulverize, you can still actually flash away or jump away. This shouldn't happen.
Alistar is a cc bot with high mana costs and high cooldowns. If you are able to cancel his cc with a simple flash or jump, he is useless. Please fix these, you SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO ACTIVATE ANYTHING if you are hit be these 2 skills.