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IP gain question

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which game mode gives the most IP per hour if you win most of the games played ( > 60% W:L ) ?

which game mode gives the most IP per hour if you lose most of the games played ( > 60% L:W ) ?

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DM Lee



ihave done the maths and i find that crystal scar has a higher ip output to the winning team than summoner's rift. however if you have (x)ammount of win boosters then play summoners rift.

on average dominion is 20 mins long and you get 50-70 ip per match
on average summoners rift is 45 mins long and you get 100-140 ip per match

this means that if you play for 3 hours you get 9 games of dominion
and playing 3 hours of summoners rift you get 3-4 games

this means 9 games of dominion in 3 hours at 70 ip per game will give you roughly 630 ip
and 4 games (being generous) in 3 hours at 140 ip per game gives you only 560 ip

now i know these numbers are not exactly accurate due to the fact that you are rewarded a certain amount each game and it is based on how well you and your team preformed but this is roughly how much my premade blind pick team earns on a win.

also i dont play enough twisted treeline to give you those numbers and this isnt accounting for your 1st win bonus of 150ip every 22 hours.

now that being said an ip booster wont make as much of a difference if you have one that says it is good for a certain ammount of days. however if you have the # ammount of wins booster type active then always play summoners rift because the points earned are set up in a specific way that on summoners rift is Gpoints+Mpoints+Bpoints=total (G = game earnings. M = matched win/loss bonus. and B = your 100% booster which is based off of G only) this formula taken into account on summoners rift the majority of your points come from G while on dominion your points come from M meaning that your booster is worthless if your playing dominion.

sorry about how long that post was but i wanted to be as clear as possible. so if you have any further questions or i wasnt very clear just ask.