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Taric Cosplay

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So for NY Comic-Con I want to go as Taric who is my favorite hero in his normal skin since that will be the easiest to do. But the problem is, making his cosplay is very difficult.

I have already decided that the gems should be done with foam, I also have a friend who can make chain mail things quite proficiently. The shaft of the hammer is probably going to be either plastic or wood.

My questions are, what do materials would I use to make the armor and the shield? How should I go about making the shaft and the head of the hammer? Should I just use normal shoes for the base of his boots?

All you guys who are really good at making cosplays or just art in general, I really need your help here!


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People mostly use craft foam, wonderflex, or paper mache (ok, ok... PAPIER! lol), and you can use that for your armor and shield. There's a couple of good craft foam tutorials online (I have them saved on my home PC, so I'll post em later).

For gems, you can use a flat blue layer and put a transparent mould over it to give that transparent/gem-like effect.

For his boots, you can wear normal shoes under and design something that you can use as shoe covers (make sure you make it a bit heavy on the sides, so your normal shoes won't peek out).

There's a lot of ways/materials you can use, so it all depends on what your comfortable with, what's readily available, and what's within your budget range. I remember working on Ahri's ninetails last month, so I just had to throw the last one in there :P

Lastly, you can join the League Cosplayers group on FB -- facebook.com/groups/leaguecosplayers. They're a really helpful & encouraging bunch! One member did pink taric, so he might be able to help you better... and there's a Talon who's really good at making gems (he worked on an ezreal one, and stuff for his talon cosplay that you can use for taric's gems).

Best of luck to you, fellow Taric user!!! Cosplay is truly, truly, TRULY OUTRAGEOUS business!