The waiting room

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Setting the scene: The room (more of a hall) is white, about 50 feet by 50 feet. The left and right walls each have a large door in their center. A raised platform stands at the end of the hall, large enough to fit ten people. The room is dotted with people, some human, others....not so much they are all talking together, wondering who will be in the next match....

Jax saunters across the hall, heading for a humongous man with a wine barrel held under his arm. The man was guzzling his brew with a gusto that seemed impossible. As Jax yelled his name, Gragas turned and a wide smile spreads across his face. "Jax old buddy! I hear you have the pleasure of being in the next match!"

Jax laughs in return, "Yes! I have heard the same! Well, wish me luck!" and walks away.

A man in armor and carrying a large sword leans on the wall in one corner, eying a women with long red hair and a belt full of knives. He doesn't notice Twisted fate approach until he gets a tap on the shoulder.

"Hey pardner! What do you wanna bet on the outcome of next match? I'm putting down fifty Valors that blue team wins, of course.... if you would rather play a game of cards I would happily oblige....."

He is cut short as ten summoners walk into the hall and stand on the podium. They debate among each other for a few seconds, and then begin calling out names. Kassadin had been translating for Cho'Gath, when a servant pulled him out of the room. The same thing happened with Karthus, Shaco, Shen, Twitch, and Morganna.

The summoners called out more names and jax, Cho'gath, soroka, ashe, Udyr and several others walked into the various doors on the walls.... The match was about to begin.

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