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Kid made the right choice. I knew he would. No one would wish to leave the world be, if he could change it.

I kept my memories, so it's safe to assume that the Kid did to. Though this old man is not brave enough to look outside the walls, into the wilderness alone.

Rumors came to me though, Kid's missing. I worry that the bastion sent him off somewhere else, instead of the past... well, the present now.

There are times, I wish I was wrong. This may be one of them. Wherever the kid may be, I wish him luck.

I visit Zia from time to time, girl says the strangest things. Having dreams about the kid, she says. Says that he met a girl almost his mirror, that he's well.

And I say to her, I sure hope so. Kid deserves it.


It was disorientating. It felt like a sudden pull, more physical then spiritual, and I hung onto my hammer with both of my hands. I needed it, instinct told me, more then any other.

Must have blacked out to wake, and I woke to find myself in a forest. It was dark, but I was still alive, so that's a count. There was no point to sticking around, and the forests seemed inviting. The forests before the calamity. A trail on the ground brought a smile to my lips. Time to head home and stop the calamity, if need be.

Didn't take me long before I found someone. She had white hair like mine, a fierce look to her. A spiked shoulderpad on her left shoulder instead of a rounded one, with an odd broken looking sword instead of a hammer. I hesitated for a moment, a hand reaching down to confirm the presence of my repeater.

And then she spoke, a simple question of names and I lowered my scarf to join her in conversation. She introduced herself as Riven, odd, but mine is no better. Seemed to have landed myself in a placed called Ionia, in a world called Runeterra.

Runeterra? Magic earth? I joked. It didn't go well. A question about her weapon went unanswered, and I decided to not press my chances. There was a moment silence, and then, she turned and left. I considered leaving, but she looked conflicted and lost. Reminded me of Zulf, when I met him at the hanging gardens. What should I say, to someone like that? I didn't know, so I spoke the few words that came to mind.

"Let me follow you. Please."

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Aah, a Bastion crossover. Looks interesting so far, I really like the opening piece of narration.

Looking forward to more!