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Cut Praeco's Leash - Map Music

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Troll Soraka

Junior Member


After the Darius login music- which was epic- I started paying more attention to the themes coming with the different patches. Today I wondered, who's their composer? Who's making this stuff?

So I found Praeco:

Then I found more of his music:

And I'm sure I'm late to this party. But the point of this thread is to say: I've been bored of the in-game music for a while. I always sort of excused it away- awesome, epic music is hard to produce, and can be low-priority. Praeco's already made probably a half-dozen themes that could work as map backgrounds. Cut his leash and let him get more of his awesomeness into our ears while we play, instead of just in trailers and the login screen!

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Senior Member


I love Bloodlord Vlad theme

replay that song since release, until now