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[Guide] Urgot, the Carry Reversed

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This is my first ever guide to my new favorite champion, Urgot.

The first question I want to answer regarding Urgot, however, is this: what role does he fill that another champion doesn't? Specifically, none. However, built right, by the end of the game he can support every other role in the game simultaneously and effortlessly. He can throw down some damage and help drop towers, slow your enemies, initiate, tank, constantly debuff and harass, scout, kite, chase... no other champ I've played can do so many things solidly under one core build. By the late game you WILL depend on your team to finish, but if you're doing everything right until that point you will be making their job remarkably easy.


For Summoner Spells, I run with Ghost and Flash just about every time. The only time I won't is if nobody else on my team is bringing Exhaust, in which case I'll trade Flash. Teleport is an excellent summoner spell on just about any champ, but I avoid bringing it because it decreases your actual fighting utility. You will need Ghost (sometimes Flash) for landing your initiating moves on unsuspecting targets, for better positioning, and for improved tower diving ability.

Marks and Quints -- Armor Penetration: You need to hit hard early game to establish dominance and gank, because in this build you do not immediately go for damage. You will focus on early tankability and utility, and this hefty chunk of armor penetration will let you hit like a truck regardless.

Seals -- HP/Level: The items that work really well on Urgot do not build very much health except for Frozen Mallet. This 180-ish extra health over the course of the game makes a deceptively large difference in beefing you up and adds immensely to your surivability as the game goes on.

Glyphs -- MR/Level, CDR, or MP/5. I've seen success with all three. The MP/5 is handy for letting you spam early game, but after that doesn't help a whole lot once you build your first items. CDR is a double edged sword because it will give you spammability but cost you in mana. MR/Level will simply make you a tougher target for casters to kill without forcing you to itemize for it immediately.

For masteries, I go with 0/6/24 unless I take exhaust, then it becomes 1/5/24. I want the minor buffs to armor and MR in Defense, the Ghost and Flash masteries, ability CDR, summoner spell CDR, and after that it's up to you.


Short Version:

--Meki Pendant + Two Health Potions
--Tear of the Goddess/Chalice
--Mercury Treads
--Brutalizer/Glacial Shroud
--Brutalizer/Glacial Shroud

When you start, you want a Meki Pendant + 2 Health Potions. The pendant helps you lane, harass, go for kills, last hit, and then back away and go for more. Right now is when you'll need to figure out what your role will be for the rest of the game.

If you want to play more supportive and tanky, then ideally on your first trip back you'll pick up boots and turn your Pendant into a Chalice of Harmony. Some form of mana support is an absolute MUST on Urgot, as far as I'm concerned. He needs to constantly be using his abilities so he can harass, slow, disable, and ultimately kill people. Without mana, you will land your E, then not be able to land the finishing Q as they scamper off behind their tower. You will swap them into your tower, and you won't have the mana to pop your shield and then Q them to death. And the MR is nice too.

However, if you're looking to be more of a damage dealer, build the Pendant into a Tear of the Goddess. Again, you need mana, and Urgot's low mana, low cooldown spells are ideal for building a Tear. Since he also relies on AD, the new item Manamune fits his needs perfectly. The MR and mp/5 sacrificed means you'll play a little more conservatively at this point in the game until you have mana reserves built. Do not build into the Manamune right away though.

(Also note, if you plan to build Manamune, then you can actually take the health regen mastery in the Defense tree and go 0/9/21. As you build your Tear this can lead to hefty health/regen mid-game, which can let you save money on Health potions)

Second, you want boots. Almost every time you're going to want Merc Treads, just because getting CC'ed is a pain and that MR + your runes + the Chalice will make you very hard for any caster to kill in the early-mid game. If the other team lacks hard CC or serious magic damage, you may consider a Ninja Tabi or Boots of Swiftness instead, but the vast majority of my games I roll with the Treads.

Your next item will probably be a Brutalizer, because it gives you some CDR and more Armor Penetration. Follow that up with a Glacial Shroud, and you'll almost max your CDR while rounding your yourself out nicely; you'll have decent damage for harassing any squishies, armor pen for wannabe tanks and the towers, and the resistances to stay sturdy in most situations. You may get the Shroud first if you aren't having any trouble dealing damage and your team packs a punch; if your team needs you for heavier damage output, then get the Brutalizer first. If you've built a Chalice, then you've now completed the core build, and should be sitting around 100+ armor and MR, more if a kind soul on your team has picked up an Aegis. If you built a Tear, once you have the Brutalizer and the Shroud, turn that Tear into a Manamune.

The only decent substitute for the Glacial Shroud that I've found is a Soul Shroud instead, giving you health, CDR and helping you aurabuff your teammates. If you REALLY don't need armor, pick this up instead. However, I believe you should always go Glacial Shroud if you're building Manamune, because you'll need the mana for abilities and damage.

Buy the occasional Fortitude potions for an early/mid-game boost to help you hit a bit harder and shrug off the other team's damage; you can also use it to bait tower dives in conjunction with your ult. Ult for the defense boost then get extra health and laugh as enemies wonder why you won't just die. Also remember to pick up lots of healing potions; between those and the Chalice, you shouldn't be recalling for any reason other than to pick up the next item or buy wards as needed.

At this point, there are many viable item choices, all based on your team composition and the progress of the game in general.

--If your team has plenty of damage and needs you in a more supporting role, you can turn the Shroud into a Frozen Heart.
--If you're fighting a team that's giving you trouble with CC, a Quicksilver Sash is another excellent choice, a choice made even better if they have characters like Morgana, Mordekaiser, or Vlad.
--If you want to boost health and damage, you can build a Frozen Mallet to get even more slowing.
--If you're interested in boosting your health without spending too much, you can take a gamble on Leviathan. Urgot is excellent at picking up kills in the early game and assists towards mid and end, so you can later itemize for damage while your survivability keeps going up. Not recommended if you aren't already making money from kills though, but that's true of any snowball item.
--Likewise, Sword of the Occult if you're landing kills but want to itemize for tanking rather than damage.
--If you want to help your physical carry hurt more or the other team is just stacking a hefty amount of armor, pick up a Black Cleaver.
--If they don't have much armor but they are packing lots of health, then a Blood Thirster may be more efficient. It can also let you stick around to farm while everybody else on the map is B'ing.
--If you're one of the primary tower droppers, you can upgrade your Brutalizer into a Youmuu's (also good for chasing or escaping).
--If you want to help your casters hit even harder, you can pick up an Abyssal, which will also be useful for surviving if you have to swap into the middle of the enemy team.
--If the other team is packing lots of physical, then Randuin's will toughen you up while giving great synergy with your ultimate.
--If you want to be tough to kill and really pester the enemy team, buying Guardian Angel will let you survive for a real long time after a dangerous swap, and also make them hesitant to focus you.

Your role at the end is determined by your team composition. Build for support and debuff if you have enough damage, or build for armor reduction and damage if your team is having trouble killing. People say that Urgot's efficiency drops off in the late-game, but honestly his role simply changes. He starts off as an excellent harasser, ganker, and solid 1v1 champ, and later switches into a handy slot as a disabler, a carry-wrecker and a debuffer, who can offer a solid DPS if he has to. Be flexible, lots of items work very well on him.


Your Gameplay:

Short Version:

Prioritize R - Q - W - E. By level 4 have one in Q, E, and W.

For starters, I prefer not to play in mid. Against certain champs Urgot does really well, but I honestly prefer the synergy of a lanemate. I also don't like doing 2v1, though it's doable because E + Q lets you last hit minions while staying almost completely safe. Your damage output becomes obscene as you quickly outlevel the other guys as well, so it's not unreasonable for you to suddenly be dominating your 2v1 lane once you reach level 5 or 6.

In general though, I prefer to play quiet to start. Following my setup you've only got about 550 health at the start, so you're not terribly beefy. Focus on last hits with your Q and only use it to harass if your lane has established solid dominance. This is very doable if you're laned with Taric or Janna, but it won't always be the case.

If the other team seems really eager to harass, your second level will go into your shield. By level four however, you should always have two in Q, one in W, and one in E. After that, skill priority is almost always R>Q>W>E. You need Q first for damage, so you should only prioritize shield if you're getting seriously harassed. If they don't have upgraded boots yet then that slow can also set your teammates up for lots of kills. Lastly, it lets you E and Q people on their tower while being able to sponge up tower shots at minimal damage. R's range increase is very much necessary, and the defense boosts are great as well.

I won't write anything about game-flow or when you want to gank or not, because those things are never set in stone and they're skills that apply to everybody. If you're dominating your lane and suffocating an enemy's level development, then keep on doing it. If mid is getting pushed, then feel free to sneak on over, ghost out, slow the chump, and then pull him back so your mid can finish him.

Things to remember about your skills:

Your Passive: Any time it looks like there's going to be a fight, even if it's possibly a losing one, you owe it to yourself and your team to hit people on the other team at least once. By decreasing their damage, you increase the survivability odds of your team and yourself. If you can throw in even a perfunctory Q in the direction of the other team, you're genuinely helping. Also remember that by reducing their damage, using your Ult, and popping your shield, your survivability is way higher than it first appears. I've won numerous skirmishes several times by the skin of my teeth, even 2v1s against even leveled opponents, just because I was sponging up more damage than they expected me to. Spread your passive around as much as you can if you don't have a single target to focus, because -15% damage is a tremendous debuff.

Q: This sucker lets you check bushes, last hit, harass, and kill. It no longer hits invisible minions, so wards, mushrooms and JitBs are not yours to free farm any longer

W: This will soak up ALL damage of ANY kind. That means if you're about to die from something like ignite, you can shield and it will start absorbing the ignite damage. It works on any DoT and any attack. It doesn't save a whole lot, but sometimes a little is enough.

You can also use this as your primary iniating move for various skirmishes and fights by giving your auto-attack a slow, which lets you land your E and start laying hurt on people.

E: E gives you vision for a moment when you fire it somewhere; if there's a jungler on the enemy team and you've got your Chalice built, you can afford to spam this into your lane bushes just to see if they've arrived. It also lets you lock onto wards, mushrooms, JitB, etc.

Your Ultimate:

Deserves its own big section. The ultimate has numerous uses, and intelligent use of it can give you countless advantages. Remember, much of your skill in LoL is positioning. Urgot's ultimate completely screws with the careful positioning that many characters rely on, particularly when you throw Flash and Ghost into the mix.

Also remember that there are many moves that interrupt your ult. Be aware of the enemy's cooldowns and be choosy about your swaps.

Here are some basic uses for his ult:

--Initiating on somebody who is out of position. Initiating with this skill can be suicide (unless you swap then flash back to your original position). If the other team is too focused on killing you to save their very important carry, then that can actually be a major benefit to your team. I prefer not to die though, and characters with escape moves can often nullify your Ultimate while leaving you in enemy hands. As an initiator, this move is very situational in team-fights. For ganking a target that's mostly alone though, it can be the best decision.

--Chasing. Less situational, more reliable, less suicidal. You can always save your ult for after the fight so you can mop up that last runner, get your team the ace and push the Nexus.

--Stunning. Sometimes you don't need to move somebody, you just want them to stop doing stuff. Good for interrupting channels on characters like Nunu, Kat and Fiddle, and good for keeping people from using those abilities that let them escape or help their teammates. Remember, when you swap somebody it completely reorients their camera, which can sometimes make it tough for them to actually click on their target. One of my favorite anecdotes concerned a Shen trying to Stand United with a teammate on the other side of the map; I swapped him out of the channel so he couldn't go help, and moments later heard the announcer cry "Double Kill" for my teammate. Me and my lanemate also soon killed the Shen because he was now standing in tower fire.

--Removal. If somebody can't participate in a teamfight, then it's effectively 4v5. Zilean, for instance, can't save teammates if they aren't in range of his ultimate. If Morgana is trying to ult your team, running out of the fight then ulting her away can get your allies out of the stun range and nullify her presence in the teamfight. Another interesting application for this section is dropping towers; a powerful enemy is guarding a tower that has low health and your teammates want to push it, but can't. What can you do? Circle behind the enemy, Ult them away, then help your teammates destroy the tower!

--Saving teammates. Your teammate is about to die and you're standing next to him while the enemy champ is murdering him. You can't do enough damage to kill the guy, your slow won't be enough, so what can you do? Run farther down the lane and then turn around and swap. Pull that person away from your teammate, then pop your shield and slow the other guy so he won't be able to catch them.

--Escape. Like I said, this game is about positioning. More than once I've gotten too cocky and pushed deep into enemy territory, only to find myself flanked. How do I escape? By ulting the person who is blocking my escape path. Not the most optimal use, but it's certainly better than dying. Also doesn't work too well if you're dealing with silences and stuns.

--Self-buffing: If you're in a 1v1 that's gone all-in and it's do or die, sometimes it will win you the fight if you just swap your target for that armor and MR boost. Plus, if they suddenly decide that they want to run, they've also got a slow on them, which will give your W time to come off cooldown.

Something else that's very important to remember about your ultimate: in applicable situations, it resets tower aggro. If somebody is diving on you while his minions are at the tower, and you ult him to stall while the tower works him over, the tower will soon forget about him unless he's got a DoT on you. By the same token, I believe it will reset tower aggro on YOU, as long as you haven't tapped the other guy with your grenade. I still haven't sat down to really test this though.


Where does Urgot belong on the team?

For starters, he's not main DPS. He has solid damage output especially on anybody squishy, but he won't be carrying the game. If you expect him to, you'll be disappointed. He stomps the early game, but even if he finds himself sitting on 10 kills by 20 minutes, he's not going to be a late-game force because his Q's damage doesn't scale well with your AD. It's sad, but true. You're far better off going with a double ArPen setup with Youmuu's and a Brutalizer if you want to see damage later on.

However, not every character is designed to crit for 600 twice per second. Characters are meant to fit specific roles and complement other teammates. So here's the question: who should you have in your team when playing Urgot? Who helps him, and who does he help, in a way that gives them a synergy nobody else has?

These are some characters that work pretty well with Urgot, and are very solid picks at the moment.

Anivia: Anivia's abilities require her to know where the target is going to be in a few moments so that she can wreck them. This means she can have her ultimate down on YOU as you swap, then the enemy will be instantly slowed. Following that is her spike for double damage, and all the while you're pegging them with YOUR slow. If they try and flash away, she's still close enough to wall or stun again.

Warwick: Between the two of you, you can basically pick one character on the enemy team and ruin their day. Flash in and ult them, and then have WW jump on them with Duress. Turn, lock on, and start firing. Even when somebody's on their tower they won't be safe from you and your jungler. Bear in mind that if you're packing flash, you and WW can do this from a deceptively long range, so it's very easy to turn a complacent enemy into a dead one.

Galio: When you ult one person, you're also essentially flashing to their location. Sometimes you'll be stuck in the middle of the enemy team, and they will begin opening fire on you. But that means they're huddled around you in a circle, which gives Galio the perfect target for his ultimate. This gives the real tank a chance to land his initiator. Paired with somebody else carrying an AoE ultimate like MF, or a squishy caster like Annie who wants to get in and faceroll her cooldowns, the three of you can almost win a teamfight by yourselves. And don't forget, you've got other teammates ready to focus the sucker you just opened on.

The reason Urgot makes Galio's ultimate so much better is precisely because people tend to split up when they see Galio rushing in, but they tend to clump up if they have to focus fire a target or head to the same location. So if they're rushing in to help a teammate, they will often path to similar locations, which puts them in the right spot for Galio to land his ultimate.

Amumu: Bandage toss is remarkably easy to land when you know exactly where your target is going to be. Amumu can hit the swap target with bandage for the chained disables, and then start running into the rest of the team. More often not this is enough to make them disperse for fear of eating an ultimate. See Galio, above.

TF, Shen, and Pantheon: All for very obvious reasons; you can forcefully relocate somebody into a position that they would not normally go knowing you had one of these three champs on your team. They require good timing and coordination to gank with, but this can mean that even very early in the game the enemy's tower is an unsafe place to be. Characters like these make me level my shield early so I can sponge tower shots while they go to work.

Twitch and Shaco: For the same reason as the characters above; you can initiate on people when they're in positions they feel safe in and get your heavy hitters fed quickly. Even Eve works well with Urgot because her stun wil let him land his E, which means big damage early game.

Morgana: It's a tremendous pain getting silenced or stunned while trying to channel your ultimate, something Morgana neatly negates. It's also pretty terrific to sit in the middle of the enemy team with several hundred extra HP, modified by the enhanced resistances from your ultimate.

Kassadin: Having Kassadin around lets you ult people with escaping abilities fearlessly. Normally I wouldn't bother ulting any character with an escape mechanism, but if I know they're going to be silenced right away then I'm all for it. Especially since Kassadin will be able to riftwalk after them and chase easily.

Garen: Putting any squishy next to Garen, particularly in the early levels, is essentially a free kill. The two of you have unbelievable early game damage together, so if you can rush somebody and slow them--even before level 6--then that gives Garen the opportunity to silence them.

Mordekaiser: Right around level 6, there aren't many characters that can handle Urgot 1v1 because his damage output scales so quickly. He can easily shave off half of somebody's health with a basic skill combo. That 50% of their health can be easily eaten away by Mordekaiser's ultimate + ignite, and that doesn't even account for the rest of Mord's skills. And between your two shields, you can be doing this on towers without fear. A tower that will soon be destroyed thanks to your new pet. Later on, you can even fearlessly dive into the rest of the enemy team with your ultimate, safely knowing that even if you die the fight will still be 4v5, and the other team will have blown necessary cooldowns punishing you for your swap.

Janna: Early game, you are a highly destructive force. Between your two shields, your slows, and your ability to push the opponents around, you can be one of the most obnoxious combos anybody can go up against. You're effective against nukers because your shields sponge up that initial blast, you're effective against melee because you can kite, and you're effective against ranged DPS because you outdamage them. The only thing that might give you trouble would be a more sustainable lane like Sona+Taric that can poke back and then win the war of attrition and even then you have higher damage output if you can force a full on skirmish.

As I've mentioned elsewhere, one of the things you want to focus on with Urgot is feeding your teammates. His damage scales amazingly with his levels, but only up until his Q is fully charged, at which point building AD just doesn't help a whole lot. Getting lots of gold as Urgot can make you annoying, but it doesn't truly have a significant impact on the flow of the game. Giving your TF an early Lichbane or helping your Twitch pick up IE 5 minutes earlier than normal, however, is a different story, and Urgot is magnificent at doing that.

I mention tower diving a lot because Urgot is incredibly powerful at doing this early game, particularly with the right teammate. This makes him an excellent champ for shutting people down, pushing them out of experience range, or for setting up ganks.

The basic rule of thumb is this: any character who can buffer a stun or disabling type move in conjunction with Urgot's ult will work well with him.


Final thoughts:

Urgot has very solid all-around skills; he can fight, he can chase, he can kite, he can initiate, he can do some damage, throw down debuffs, save teammates, and tank if he has to. Best of all, you can make some poor chump's life a living hell with carefully placed swaps.

Happy hunting folks. Constructive feedback is always appreciated.

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Pretty solid guide. Maybe a bit on how you use his passive effectively to improve it. Often I find myself hitting an enemy with one shot just for the passive. In teamfights you can use q and your auto attack to tag two people (i have got up to three rather easily) an bring the enemy damage output down significantly.

Some examples.

Tap Garen in the lanig phase whenever he does his blade spin dance.
Tapping a nuker. Their entire damage output peak tends to be less than three seconds. Perfect for your passive.
Getting flanked or out maneuvered in a team fight. Your passive can keep the heat off long enough to line up your ult or escape.
passive plus shield = hard to kill urgot.

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Commando Wolf

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Tried out Urgot once as a Hybrid of AS and AP but didn't do well at all. (1/18/7 I think my end game score was.) I might just have to try him again for this build. Thanks!

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I may be revising this guide to include the use of Manamune. You also build Tear from a Meki Pendant now, which helps with early laning. You have to be a little more conservative though until your mana reserves are built up.

Anyhow, hope all the people trying him for free find this guide useful.

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Edited to include use of the Manamune. It's a fantastic item.

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Disagree with getting manamune. A glacial shroud should provide all the early/mid mana you need, and the CDR increases your damage more than manamune can. Not to mention that you can eventually build that shroud into a frozen heart, which is a huge help in making Urgot useful as a late game debuff tank.

Also disagree with getting a tear at all. That's an item for spam casters who need huge reserves like Kassadin and Karthus. Urgot does not need a huge reserve, and building into archangel is out of the question.

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I second this, also a bit more structure or tl;dr section would be nice (A)

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FABIOForever: I don't see a reason why you can't pick up both and increase damage, mana pool, and survivability simultaneously. In fact, you'll note I recommended getting the Shroud first, then using Manamune to synergize and get around 80+ damage for a 2k item. 3k mana (easily achieved between the Tear and Shroud) means +20 base from Manamune, then +60 from the passive.

I disagree that Urgot does not need a huge reserve, but then I spam his skills relentlessly and constantly. I harass in tower range with E and Q then use W to sponge up a tower shot or two as I retreat. I use all my skills on every creep wave just to build up my mana pool. I Q and E every suspicious bush, I spam the common ward spots across the map with Q, and if I don't have either Tear or Chalice I run out of mana ridiculously quickly. So I do play him like "a spam caster who needs huge reserves."

Look at it like this: your Q is 40 mana, your W is 55, your E is 60, your R is 150. I think that's about right. E leading into W and a subsequent 3 Qs costs you about 235 mana. That's half of the mana your glacial shroud provides in a single combo. Throw in the ultimate and you're almost up to the entire shroud mana pool. Six seconds after you've thrown that E it's up. 7 seconds after your W it's up, and odds are you never once stopped mashing Q. You can easily burn through thousands of mana very quickly. If you need to kite somebody, you'll be throwing down W + Q constantly. If you want to chase, you'll be using all your skills at the same time *again.* Without a massive mana pool, you will become useless during fights, or you'll constantly need to B for mana, or steal golem buff from casters who need it more.

Here's how I see it; you pick up the tear initially purely for mana reasons. That's about a 1k gold investment. Then you get the glacial shroud for 1675, then the Manamune for 915 later. Combined you have paid 1915 + 1675, or a just under 3.6k gold. At 3k mana between the two, that's 80 damage, which is nearly two BF swords for almost the same price, except you also throw CDR, mana, armor, and mp/5 into the mix. So for a very obtainable price you get survivability and utility, then you ALSO get two BF swords.

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The Lewtz



Why is it, people are to **** lazy to read.. and need TL;DR sections?

But, yeh Urgot is my current favorite character game mechanic wise. I find him interesting and fun to play. I'm still messing around with manamune to see if I really like it. Previously I was building Doran's Ring, Brut, Boots, tanky stuff and it was working ok.

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The Risus

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Consider Manamune in core build. It's a very strong item on Urgot from my experience