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Jayce, Defender of Tomorrow

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So, I read and re-read the official Lore for Jayce, and after some deliberation, I decided that regardless of what may be "official" he needs to have a lore that is less lame.
I make no claims that this is better, however for those of you looking for an "unofficial" set of lore, simply scroll down, and enjoy.

=============The Past================
Upstairs, a low whistle was quickly becoming a shrill shriek. As this nuisance became apparent, Jayce checked his hourglasses for the time.

"Uncle Jayce! Its time to get up! Breakfast's ready" a voice called from upstairs, " You haven't been up all night tinkering again have you? You know, there's time enough for sleeping, eating, and heading down to the market for my birthday present!"

A small delicate face now stood above a flour covered apron that was much to big, but hemmed so that it didn't drag on the ground. As she smiled, Jayce was reminded of the oath he had sworn, and he was conflicted as he finally set his wrench down on the workbench.

"Alright, I'll be up in a minute. now you just pour me a nice hot cup of that coffee I heard wailing a few moments ago, Ok Mercury?" Jayce smiled back, but it was a painful smile, barely masking the horror he was feeling.

"Oh uncle Jayce, don't forget to wash up. That gunky oil will wreck the silverware" She giggled as she turned to put the finishing touches on the morning meal.

=============The Present ================
Jayce hefted his prized creation and surveyed the battlefield, the weight of the weapon now little more than a slight nuisance. Just as had happened before, and just as he had forseen a decade ago when his mentor had taken him to assist in treating a powerful but ailing wizard by the name of Zilean, a rift had opened spewing forth a horde of dark creatures. Much of the city now lay in ruin. His quick thinking and adaptive fighting style had allowed him to draw the fight into several smaller skirmishes and win the day by breaking the main force of the enemy down into managable numbers.

As he gazed across the ruined city and collapsed buildings, Jayce began to wonder. . .
How many now lay dead beneath the rubble? How many tomorrows had ended today? Jayce shed a single tear, thinking back to the first time he had held back the darkness threatening the future, and how foolish and unprepared he had been. The losses today couldn't begin to compare to the losses he had already endured.

Having completed this phase of his mission, staving back the darkness at least for a while, Jayce somberly started the long trek home.

===========The Future ==============
Jayce tossed in his sleep, visions of what was to come contorting his body. Ever since that fateful day, when the deranged mage had reached out and grasped his arm while he was administering a cool wet towel to break the fever, sleep never came restfully, even more curious, Jayce never dreamed of the past. His memories were only a thing belonging to his waking hours.

As he awoke, Jayce instinctively reached for the Mercury Hammer, and finding the haft of the weapon he sighed heavilly.

"It's to happen again. I must somehow gain access to the Institute of War." even as the whisper escaped his lips, a plan was unfolding in his mind.
"Tomorrow is owned by those who defend it today."
~Jayce, Defender of Tomorrow