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Mantheon's Mission (Pantheon skin idea and fanfic)

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When a Bro calls... one must answer

Like any good story, this one begins at the beginning and ends with a party.

So check this. I'm at my buddy Olaf's place, and hes trying to throw this "Killer Kegger" that hes been talking about for weeks. When I got there there was literally a giant arena made from Graggy Lites... it was awesome. So I'm early, cause a bro helps a bro out, and Olaf is my bro right?

"DUDE! you ready to party?"
"Panth, bro... I need your help."
"Anything bro."
"I'm outta ice, this things gonna start pumpin any minute and the only place with ice cold enough is high in the Freljord mountains."

The Freljord mountains are, like, the coldest place. It's full of yetis and creepy little girls with teddy bears that shoot lightning or something like that, anyway it sucks and its far a way and I dont wanna go... but I said "anything" and a bro gotta stand by his word, ya know? So I grabbed a few thrash bags, made a shield from some graggy boxes and found a mop. I was pumped for this quest. Olaf was standing at the door with his bro Galio.

"Galio is gonna give you a ride to the base of the mountains but thats as far as he goes. Dude hates the cold."

So, I'm used to going pretty fast but man, when Galio gets some wind behind him... man that dude flies. It only took, like, 15 minutes to get to the base of the mountains where galio sorta just dropped me like a jerk. Not cool. Anyway, so I'm at the base of these mountains and its just huge man. But I aint a sissy so I start climbin... and climbin... and climbin... and climbin... you get the idea. But I see this ledge off to my right and it looks like theres a cave so I started climbing over to it. I get to the cave and theres a sign that says "Shrotcut" and I've been climbing forever so I'm all about a shortcut so I head on in. Man when a sign is mispelled and written in crayon with a backwards R... dont trust it. So I walk in on this kid and this big hairy thing chowin down on some dinner. They looked up and saw me and I knew it was gonna be like, one of those days. So after I stomped all over those two nubs I was all set to get back on my quest.
After like, another HOUR of climbing I made it to the top. I had to chip Ice off with my shield and that took like, forever. So I'm on the top of this mountain with all this Ice and I'm like, "how am I gonna get down?" so I jumped.... YOLO right?
I was so high up I was able to jump literally across the map, which I havent done in like forever. I Landed in the Graggy-Dome (TM) with Ice in hand. It was awesome, I was on one knee with my head down and stuff I rose slowly and everyone started cheering and chanting...

"MANTHEON!!!! MANTHEON!!!!!...."
It was literally the best party ever...