The Rift

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So I decided to write this fanfic based on my love for league's lore (which I have felt has been a little under served lately) I have finished this short first chapter and I hope you enjoy! I plan to write on it whenever I have a nice good chunk of free time! So if you like it expect constant updates oh and just as a disclaimer this is a complete departure from Riot's lore. I don't intend to add any new characters, but a lot of champions and characters you know and love will be given different spins! :O anyways I'm blabbing here is chapter 1 of THE RIFT! (for some reason italics didn't translate over from my word doc to here :C I'll fix that in the morn I am so sleepy!)

The plots and ploys all fell to pieces. What was so viciously longed for was stolen from us. The power that Swain wrestled for was moot at the wrath of it. The webs Leblanc had strewn burnt to nothing. My nation, the great Noxus demolished. I was disgusted at how the ranks of my men were slaughtered. This thing shredded my soldiers as easily as paper. I feel nothing but shame at myself. I was as unable to kill it; I was spared though. I served Noxus well all my life, and this is what I’ve earned? It was not of Runeterra, it couldn’t have been. As I laid there writhing back to consciousness amongst the corpses and flame revenge swelled up in me. I could not die here. These wounds were nothing. This was not the way of Noxus; even if Noxus was but a hole in the ground now.

I drug myself up to my knees. Damn. I’d bleed out if I didn’t think fast, how ironic. There was a turned over brazier, coals still pale red. I took a handful of them and held them to the long wound stretching across my belly. I tried to hold in my bellows, but I roared out from the searing pain. The silence after I calmed was unbearable. I enjoy the silence after a victory… but this slaughter, this was unacceptable. The silence of defeat was not a sound I enjoyed. My axe was nowhere to be found. I found a Noxan banner and snapped it in two, I took one end of it and propped myself up. How pathetic. The Guillotine of Noxus, the general who slew his enemies by the dozens: Darius, reduced to a crutch. My name doesn’t feel like it belongs to me anymore.

I had to think… Where could I go? If Noxus has fallen then Demacia is either gone or soon to be. Whatever that monster was… it moved nearly faster than I could see, hacking, chopping… impaling and wailing like a banshee-laughing almost. I’ve seen men lose their heads; I’ve cleaved men in twain with my axe… Never until now has a battle shaken me. The thing shrieked “End of days” as it separated my soldiers’ limbs from their bodies. End of days… My gut still burned, but the bleeding gave up. I hobbled through the thick of the battlefield looking for a path to follow. Somewhere I could figure this out. There weren’t many places the Guillotine of Noxus would be welcomed though. This monster was on a warpath, I don’t know if there’s even anywhere to go.

I was the only thing moving out here: the sole survivor. My brother went flailing into the fight reckless as usual. So confident he’d be the one to kill it if anyone- kill it in style. When it snapped him in half I was overwhelmed with a thirst for its blood. It killed everything. In the moments before I blacked out I saw it blast all of Noxus to rubble with a tempest of dark energy. The Noxan code was always that the strongest of the strong is the only one who deserves power. This thing earned the right to destroy my Noxus somehow. I swear I will earn the strength and power to wipe it from the face of Runeterra.

I hobbled clumsily on my broken banner, the battle field fading into the distance behind me. I got to thinking of places that may be safe from this ruination. Ionia was surely gone by now… Demacia would definitely be obliterated if Noxus was, Zaun swallowed up into the abyss just as Noxus was and if Demacia was ever destroyed Piltover would follow it. The Freljord! If anywhere may still be safe it had to be there. The frozen waste is nearly inaccessible. If the monster was mindless annihilating the city-states The Freljord would be an unlikely target. I still have no idea what it was, or why it attacked Noxus. I don’t know of anyone or anything besides the Lords of Demacia that would see Noxus lain to waste and that thing wasn’t Demacian. The Freljord would be safe for sure though; besides its denizens having no particular love for Noxan Generals it would be my best bet for survival. This was inglorious. Darius! The greatest Noxan General… the lone survivor of a massacre grander than any before it! I should execute myself right here a