Hide and Seek - My Rule Set

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This is hide and seek with Cupcake rules.

I used http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/....php?t=2305192 as a basis, so a lot of credit goes to DarkRánger. Enjoy!

The great thing about Cupcake rules is that you can play hide and seek in both blind or draft (assuming both teams follow the rules).

Non-in-game rules:

- The number of lives-to-minutes is set by the maker of the room. They are limited to two choices, however; 5 lives and 45 minutes or 3 lives and 30 minutes.

- Any summoner spells is allowed for seekers. Yes, including clairvoyance.

- *The following champions are banned from hiding: Twitch and Evelynn.

- *The following champions are banned from seeking: Twitch, Evelynn, Teemo, and Twisted Fate.

In-game rules:

- The hiding team must leave base after 2 minutes after spawning for the first time.

- Hiders cannot wait for items. Once spawning after death, buy your items, then leave immediately.

- If someone is AFK, take off a number of lives to a proportion to their time spent away. Lets say someone has been AFK since the beginning of the game. Then, they come back after 10 minutes. You would take off 2 lives for every 5 minutes. The max number of minutes one person can be AFK and then be completely eliminated is 15 minutes.

- If someone has disconnected and/or completely left, spread the remaining lives among the teams. If someone went AFK since 0:00, for example, give one life to everyone on the team. However, if someone d/c's and does not come back in 3 minutes after the d/c 10 minutes before the end of the game, the lives are void. (I.E. Someone leaves at 24 minutes and the game is 3 lives 30 minutes, and they come back at 28, that hider loses all their lives.)

- No going back to base for hiders at any point in the game once you have exited after spwaning. This means any place where your nexus turret can hit the enemy is no place you can hide. There is an area right after the actual steps where the Spawn Turret where you can hide, since seekers can attack you there without being killed by the nexus obelisk.

- Seekers can go back at any point in the game.

- Oracles is allowed for seekers ONLY. None for hiders. Without twitch, evelynn, and teemo all that is really left are shaco, akali, and talon for seekers in terms of stealth. None of these will be THAT big of a deal for hiders without oracles.

- Only spells that cause CC. Even soft CC (slows, fears, silence). A player on the hiding team can get Rylai's, which makes all damage spells CC, or Frozen Mallet, which makes all auto attacks CC. HOWEVER, remember that both of these also give damage and if you kill a seeker from auto attacks or Rylai's it WILL result in the loss of a life.

- **Any cause of death caused by a hider on a seeker, be it caused by a trap (I.E. Nidalee trap or Shaco box), spell, or an auto-attack, will result in a loss of a hider's life. Intentional or not. Killing a seeker in any way means a kill for them.

- Helping a fellow hider by distracting or CC'ing the seeker chasing them is ALLOWED. Read the next rule carefully, though

- Seekers can chase only one hider on low HP so that hider cannot CC him, BUT ONLY FOR THAT ONE PERSON. This means that if a hider has used their skills to the point that a seeker is low HP and they can no longer use skills, that seeker is STILL ALLOWED TO CHASE THAT HIDER! That seeker has to go back ONLY if they have been chasing a hider for more than 30 seconds with low HP. A seeker must back if he stops chasing and CANNOT begin chasing another hider. If another hider kills the seeker before the 30 seconds are up, that hider will lose a life. No whining about how he had to back.

- Forcing a seeker to back by having your whole team damage him is illegal and will result in the loss of one life for all members involved.

- Any items on seekers is allowed except for Lightbringer and Hextech Sweeper.

- Hiders cannot build pure damage items (I.E. Deathcap, Infinity Edge, etc.) Phantom Dancers are of course allowed. Sunfire Cape, Thornmail, and Guardian's Angel are not allowed.

- Hiders that have lost all their lives must stay on the outside rim. Going in the jungle is not allowed even if they just stay in the center platform.

- Hiders who are out may not damage, cc or in any way interact with seekers. This will result in the loss of a life for the last person that they chased or were chasing.

* - Banning champions is controversial, I know, but I feel it is necessary in order for Hide and Seek to be fun. The champions that I picked for banning were played in pretty much every game or, in draft pick, banned every game. These champions made the game less fun for whichever team did not have them. Seekers were almost guaranteed to lose if a twitch or evelynn on the hiders played with a bit of caution, and teemo made it impossible for hiders to move effectively. Twisted Fate, well, dat ult.

It's worth noting that Teemo and Twisted Fate are only banned for seekers, not hiders.

** - I know, it doesn't seem fair that you can't do anything to a low HP opponent that is chasing you or when an opponent dies to your mushroom half way across the map. However, there is too much arguing in games over whether or not a seeker dying was fair or not. This rule will make hiders think twice about helping teammates and shrooming every speed shrine on the map. It will also eliminate any chance of arguing over whether a death was fair or not.

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i hate when people do all random when making a hide and seek game bacause i get stuck with someone like rammus or someone like zilian